Free Gogo Inflight Internet For T-Mobile HTC HD2 Owners

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 24 2010 3:33 PM
As promised, the HTC HD2 from T-Mobile is officially here. To help welcome this new smartphone to the market, Gogo Inflight Internet is offering free service for up to six months to owners of this new phone. Gogo Inflight Internet lets you check email, surf the Web, and connect with friends while traveling on an airplane.

As you'll recall, HD2 features a large, 4.3-inch capacitive, high-resolution touchscreen display. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon mobile processor and runs HTC’s Sense user interface on top of Windows Mobile 6.5. More information about the Gogo offering is available below.

Gogo Inflight Internet Offers Free Service on the HTC HD2 Device Exclusively for T-Mobile USA Customers

ITASCA, Ill., March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Aircell, the world's leading provider of airborne communications, will offer free Gogo® Inflight Internet service for up to six months to owners of T-Mobile USA's new HTC HD2 – the ultimate entertainment device with the largest smartphone touch screen on the market. The HTC HD2 is available for purchase beginning today, March 24, and this special offer is valid for six months from registration or until June 30, 2011, whichever comes first.

HTC HD2 users will be able to make plane time their time by accessing Gogo Inflight Internet for free on their device, allowing them to keep up with email, shop, connect with friends through social media, and surf the Web – all at cruising altitude. To access Gogo on the HTC HD2, users simply select the Gogo Inflight Internet bookmark under the "favorites" menu and register to start the free service period.

"Aircell is constantly striving to partner with companies that can enrich the inflight experience," said Aircell President and CEO Michael Small. "With the newest smartphone from T-Mobile, we can provide our customers with a simple, yet powerful way to stay connected, even at 35,000 feet."

This new offering from Aircell for T-Mobile customers spotlights a growing trend of travelers using Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices while flying. In fact, 30% of visitors access the Gogo Inflight Portal from Wi-Fi enabled smartphones.

Starting at $4.95 per session, Gogo is available on more than 760 commercial aircraft and over 2,600 daily flights in the Continental U.S. The service will continue to roll out on additional routes and airline partners throughout 2010 and beyond.
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Inspector replied on Wed, Mar 24 2010 4:23 PM

I never heard of GOGO till now :), What does it mean by 4.95 per session? like each flight or a set time limit for each session? This is useful for those businessman and us here to check HH while your in the air :P lol

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la_guy_10 replied on Wed, Mar 24 2010 4:45 PM

My thoughts exactly Inspector great for people who travel alot on business trips as this could be the next frequent flyer miles program, where the more flight miles you rack up, the more internet service you get to use. This would not be a bad little phone if it was a company issued phone as they would pick up the charges.

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RyuGTX replied on Wed, Mar 24 2010 5:34 PM


I never heard of GOGO till now :), What does it mean by 4.95 per session? like each flight or a set time limit for each session? This is useful for those businessman and us here to check HH while your in the air :P lol


Per session is exactly what you thought it was. A session is considered a flight. They have different prices for flight times. They also have a day pass and a 30 day pass. I found their pricing on their website.


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The question is, will it have inflight GPS? That way you can see exactly how much farther you have to go, so no one will ever have to ask the pilot...Are we there yet?

It would be more interesting if they incorporate this ability within a satellite phone. With all the advances in phone service I am surprised Satellite is not the way they are all going.

Instead they are always looking for ways to charge people for another type of service. Just like the way airlines now charge you to use the restroom. Something such as this should be a feature on all carriers. Then incorporated into a package deal for those who spend their week in the air. I am sure it would only be a matter of a certain chip addition. Then hopefully only a matter of time.

Maybe they are just trying to hit that small group who's inflight thoughts about their cell phone addictions, include the phrase GO GO Gadget Phone! :)

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