Eye-Fi Pro 2 Wireless SDHC Card Doubles Transfer Rates

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 24 2010 2:50 AM
Eye-Fi took a simple concept and made it a reality, simultaneouslysolving an issue that many folks had: how do I upload images straightto the Web without needing to upload pics first to a PC? The companyhas stood alone in the industry over the past couple of years, and thisweek at CTIA they're announcing their newest card to send imagesdirectly to the Internet when a Wi-Fi hotstop is in range.

The new Eye-Fi Pro 2 is twice as fast as previous models, and thecompany also has more than doubled their hotspot upload locations. Now,users of the Hotspot Access feature can upload photos and videosdirectly from their camera at more than 21,000 hotspots in the United States including 6,500 Starbucks coffeehouses, and Harborlink hotspots such as BP gas stations. TheEye-Fi Connect X2 and Explore X2 join the Pro X2 as Eye-Fi's new familyof products, each with Class 6 performance, an 802.11n radio forsignificantly faster uploads and Endless Memory mode.  All Eye-Fi Cardswill be available at retailers including Best Buy, Office Depot,Amazon.com, Adorama, B&H and J&R.

  • Eye-Fi Connect X2– At 4GB capacity, the Eye-Fi Connect X2 will automatically upload JPEGphotos and videos to the computer and one of more than 25 onlinesharing sites, such as Flickr, Facebook, YouTube or Picasa, through aWi-Fi network. MSRP: $49.99.
  • Eye-Fi Explore X2– At 8GB of capacity, the Eye-Fi Explore X2 will automatically uploadJPEG photos and videos to the computer and one of more than 25 onlinesharing sites. It offers lifetime automatic geotagging so photos andvideos arrive at the user's computer with location information alreadyincluded to identify where the image was captured.  Explore X2 alsooffers one year of hotspot access for uploading away from home at more21,000 hotspot locations across the Unites States and through openhotspots. MSRP: $99.99.
  • Eye-Fi Pro X2 –Unveiled at CES and winner of CNET's "Best of CES" award, the 8GBEye-Fi Pro X2 will automatically upload JPEG and RAW photos and videosto the home computer, and will send them to one of more than 25 onlinesharing sites. It also allows users to create an ad hoc connectiondirectly to their computer to wirelessly upload photos and videos whileaway from a wireless router. Like Explore X2, Pro X2 offers lifetimegeotagging and one-year of hotspot access to enable uploads away fromhome at more than 21,000 hotspots and open hotspots. MSRP: $149.99.

Double the Hotspots Makes Uploading Even More Convenient

Beginning March 31,any existing or new Eye-Fi user with an active hotspot service plan canupload at more than 21,000 hotspots across the Unites States, includingStarbucks and BP gas stations. Users simply walk into a supportedhotspot, turn on their camera, and photos and videos will automaticallyupload to their computer or favorite sharing Web site. Users don't evenneed to have their computers with them. Users can also upload throughany open hotspot with no user agreement page. For a complete map ofsupported hotspots, please visit http://www.eye.fi/how-it-works/features/hotspot-access.

Never Miss a Photo Opp with Eye-Fi's "Endless Memory"

Eye-Fi'snew X2 cards include the "Endless Memory" feature, which lets userschoose to have Eye-Fi automatically make space available on theirmemory card after photos and videos are safely uploaded to the computeror Web. When the card reaches the user's pre-determined amount of spaceused, it will remove files that have been safely uploaded, beginningwith the oldest – even when the card is not connected to a network.  Iffiles have not yet been uploaded, Eye-Fi will not remove them. Thisoption can be set up in Eye-Fi Center.

Eye-Fi Center – Easier Storing and Sharing on Multiple Sites

AllEye-Fi users can download the new Eye-Fi Center desktop applicationthat makes organizing and sharing photos and videos easier. Eye-FiCenter has a redesigned interface that offers new features and is easyto use. Users can drag and drop photos and videos to publish themeasily to multiple online locations – even including photos and videosthat weren't taken with an Eye-Fi card. Users can download the softwareat http://support.eye.fi/downloads.

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3vi1 replied on Wed, Mar 24 2010 8:25 AM

>> with an active hotspot service plan can upload...

>> Users can also upload through any open hotspot with no user agreement page.

What they're not making clear here is "are you required to pay for their service to use your own/open hotspots? I'm guessing not, which seems like a scam to lock you into paying for their service forever. I'd like this more if you could just configure it and upload the files to any TFTP/WebDav folder of your own.

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3vi1 replied on Wed, Mar 24 2010 8:25 AM

Worded that backwards: "I'm guessing so" is what I meant. Too early. :p

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Seriously? 150 bucks for a card that you must also pay for the servicing of as well? exactly why would anyone need or use this?

Isn't that why you bought your camera and computer and then payed for an ISP? Is it going to take less time to look for a hotspot with a certain type of connectivity, than it is to get your computer?

Besides will all the smart phones out there, cant they just do the same thing over your own secure connection?

I mean seriously, $150 for 8GB?

Kingston 8GB $15.99

times 9=$143.91

Nine times more photos, and saving a monthly service charge==Priceless!

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I have used one of them before, they are cool. you can set up the wireless to your home network and it wont charge you. it only charges you if you want the capability to upload pictures when your not on your home network. its more or less a novelty for lazy people who don't have a card reader or are too lazy to use it. 

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Inspector replied on Wed, Mar 24 2010 4:34 PM

Your also going to have to be near a hotspot first :) I don't see why they would make you buy a card worth that much for no reason... Is it really that hard to open you computers and transfer the data over then upload them to where ever you want? Paying for their services after buying this card for so much is just not worth it.

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kulocka replied on Wed, Mar 24 2010 6:37 PM

idk if its worth it, plug it into a laptop if desperate to upload pictures, i can see only people obsessed with FB and Myspace using this

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$150? That's ridiculous. I remember when I first bought one of these: 2GB I think, for $50. At the time, I was pumped, because I was still using one of those older PDAs without Wi-Fi built in: this gave me some storage space, and Wi-Fi capability. But nowadays, when you can carry a laptop with you that has built-in Wi-Fi, sometimes even built-in 3G access, and an SD slot, it's ridiculously easy to just put in an SD card and start uploading. The only wisdom I see with this is that they made it SD: most pro photogs use DSLRs, which generally take CF. They don't need a direct upload feature, so by making this SD for those consumer-grade point-and-shoots they at least are aiming at the right market.

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