HTPC Building - A HotHardware How-To Video Spotlight

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Aggiton replied on Mon, Apr 25 2011 9:07 PM

a big problem I have with HTPCs is debating over low profile heatsinks...

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Good info. One draw back I think is the remote. Most are infered, so you need line of sight. It took me a bit, but found an RF type from Nuforce. Not everything about it I lake, but there just isn't enought RF media center win 7 reponts out there. Most notabily on this one is the stop and fast forward are WAY to close. Good info here though, and it is still current. Personnely, I want to have or build a gaming cener that can still run great as an HTPC, but still now suck the cash from my walet to pay the power bill. So watching and ready the sandy bridge and mayne the Ivy processors.

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This is a very cool setup, a lot of good info, but my one main question is what software would I use?

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