JAYS Introduces Tangle-Free Flat Cabling On a-JAYS Earbuds

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 10 2010 11:57 AM
Here's something we have always despised: tangled cords. Here'ssomething we have always loved: flat HDMI cables. Now, headphone makerJAYS is making what amounts to our perfect product: earbuds withtangle-free, flat cabling. We can't believe it has taken this long forsomeone to do it (on lower-end models), but we're thrilled that thislittle company is getting their name on the map thanks to somethingthat we honestly believe everyone yearns for.

The Sweden-based company is expanding their product line with theentry-level a-JAYS One, Two and Three. Each of the three have the samesized speaker, with a dynamic element at 8.6mm and differ slightly insound. The group will be available at $39.99, $49.99 and $59.99respectively, from April 2010, and we can't tell you how excited we areto finally grab a set of buds that don't take forever to unwind onceshoved in our front pocket. Now, if only the rest of the headphoneworld would take a note here and listen, we'd be all set.

Jays launches a-JAYS - high performance earphones with three-tiered pricing

Thisspring award-winning Swedish earphone manufacturer Jays is launchinga-JAYS, a great value high quality earphone made in three differentspecifications at three different price levels.

Jays is expanding its product line with the new entry-level earphonepriced from $39.99 (ex VAT). It will be available with three scales ofupgrade, numbered One, Two and Three, in order to offer the best soundquality to all music-lovers, regardless of their budget.

All a-JAYS have the same sized speaker, with a dynamic element at8.6mm and differ slightly in sound. Three also uses advancedTCD-technology (titanium coated diaphragm). The cord on all threemodels is the newly-developed flat, tangle-free 115cm TPE-cord,previously found only on considerably more expensive earphones.

Each upgraded model comes with added accessories and finish. Forexample, the finish of the earphones is sleek black on One, highlypolished on Two, and with a rubber coating on Three. Three also has astereo splitter, a flight adapter and protective case. 

"By giving our customers the option of excluding some of the addedextras, we are able to offer a very high quality product to everyone,regardless of price," says Peter Cedmer, senior product manager atJays.  "All three models offer unbeatable performance for fantasticvalue, with the sound and power you would expect from Jays."

a-JAYS One, Two and Three will be available at $39.99, $49.99 and $59.99 (ex VAT) respectively, from April 2010.

* a-JAYS: www.jays.se/products/earphones/a-jays.html

* Test results: http://www.jays.se/products/general/awards-reviews.html  

* Activists: www.jays.se/blog/words-about

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Simple yet very effective. I agree, why has it taken so long for this easy solution to an age old problem? Now if the earphones sound halfway decent, the flat cabling should catch on...unless it's been patented.

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rapid1 replied on Wed, Mar 10 2010 6:00 PM

Totally gibbersome, when I saw the article title the first thing that came to mind was finally. I am sure the sound quality will be at least decent. I still question why this was not presented when cable's still made an impression market wide. It would have seem to make better sense.

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Um this isn't exactly new? The in-ear Beats by Dr. Dre (aka monster cable) have had the flat cable since July 2008? So this is nothing new. Granted these come a lot cheaper than the beats but the beats obviously make for MUCHHHHHHHHH better quality earbuds than these do. Sorry but sound and build quality will always come before a tangle free cable or a nice carrying box -_-

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realneil replied on Thu, Mar 11 2010 9:54 AM

Good idea with the flat cable. With hearing aids in my ears already, I have to use over the ear headphones though.

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Sounds like a terrible idea to me.  Why did you guys compare this to an HDMI cable?  They are used in two totally different ways.  For one, the HDMI cable does NOT move.  Headphones however need to be flexible and move easily.  I could see these as being a nuisance seeing as how they bend in one direction.  I hope this is not the future for headphone cables.

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