Kingston Introduces World's Fastest Low Voltage Performance Memory

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 3 2010 9:08 AM
These "world's fastest" claims seem to be flying in at a record pace these days, but even though companies are holding their crowns for shorter periods of time, that's not stopping Kingston from bragging while they can. Today, the company is introducing the world's first, fastest low-voltage and ultra low-voltage memory for performance machines.

The new product fits into the company's LoVo (low voltage) HyperX range, offering ultra-low voltage memory running at 1.25 volts at 1600MHz. The flagship product, running an ultra-low 1.25 volts at 1600MHz, is the lowest voltage to date for desktop PCs. In all, Kingston is debuting three HyperX DDR3 dual-channel products in the 'LoVo' line: the dual-profile kit, a mainstream low voltage 1600MHz, 1.35 volt kit and an ultra-low voltage 1333MHz, 1.25 volt kit.

The 4GB 1866MHz kit is selling for $203, while the 4GB 1600MHz kit is going for $158 and the 4GB 1333MHz kit for $154.
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rapid1 replied on Wed, Mar 3 2010 2:13 PM

Kind of interestingly this article talks about 4Gb kits, but the picture is either a 3Gb or 6Gb tri channel picture? The price also seem to be more on line with a tri-channel kit as well. I really like seeing memory that operates at these speeds with that low of an energy profile. That means there is an awful lot of wiggle room, depending on how much voltage you MD memory profile will allow, and do so reliably. I also wonder when they are going to hit the top of the DDR 3 platforms spectrum as it cannot be far off. I am waiting to see what comes next (DDR4 or 5). I am thinking DDR5 will be next as there seems to be a lot more going into it developmentally as well as the capabilities of it!

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O.o there's only a $4 difference from the 1333 and 1600MHz...

@Rapid It's just for shows :P lol

Technology is progressing too fast for consumers to keep up with... Its a good thing to advance but because these things aren't free no one(maybe someone... :D) can buy new technology every time they come out :(

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