General Imaging Reveals 2010 Digital Camera Lineup

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News Posted: Sun, Feb 21 2010 11:04 PM
You knew that Samsung, Sony, FujiFilm, Canon and Nikon made cameras,but did you know that the same company that makes kitchen appliancesand medical systems does as well? General Imaging, which is theexclusive licensee of GE digital cameras, has just debuted a slew ofnew compact cameras at the PMA 2010 camera expo in California, and allof them fall within the bargain realm. There's a pretty wide variety ofoptions as well, and while GE doesn't have the marketing power in thecamera department like some of the mainstays do, these prices mightjust grab some eyes. Here's a look at the 2010 GE camera lineup below.

  • GE Active Series - G5WP

The waterproof G5WP features a sturdy metal design and 4X internal zoom lens to capture amazing picturesor video shots whether your adventures take you far away, underwater orkeep you close to home. With 12.2 megapixels you can be assured ofstriking enlargements of your favorite underwater photos. The G5WP willbe available in graphite gray, raspberry red and ocean blue in late Q2for a SRP of $179.99.

  • GE Power Pro Series - X5

GeneralImaging moves beyond point-and-shoot technology with the new X5. Itdefines the Power Pro Series with the latest in intuitive high-techfeatures all captured in a professional, easy to use design. Opticalimage stabilization and a powerful 15X zoom put you closer to theaction to take photos like a pro. The X5 also touts ISO 3200 and a 28mmlens. The X5 will be available in Q2 for a SRP of $149.99.

  • GE Power Series - E1486TW and E1480W

Forfocused photographers looking for more power and performance at anaffordable price, the GE E1486TW and E1480W are the latest additions tothe Power Series. Unveiled last month at CES 2010 , the E1486TW andE1480W are loaded with highly-coveted features, including the abilityto film high-definition movies, Optical Image Stabilization to insuregreat pictures, 14 megapixels of resolution for incredible clarity, anda large 3-inch LCD screen. The cameras also offer an amazing 8X opticalzoom, which is unprecedented compared to other models in a similarprice range. At only .83 inches thick, the cameras are one of theslimmest offering 8X optical zoom performance in the market. The E1480Wwill be available in Q2 for a SRP of $149.99, and the E1486TW will be available later this quarter for a SRP of $179.99. Both are available in black, red and silver.

  • GE Smart Series - J1455

Theall new J1455 digital camera offers an exceptional value for anyonelooking for the latest camera features to help them take betterpictures. It features an impressive 14.2 megapixels of resolution and5X optical zoom lens, along with image stabilization for high qualityand vivid images at the tip of your finger. The J1455 will be availablein black, silver and red among other colors in Q2 for a SRP of $129.99.

  • GE Smart Series C1033 and C1233

GeneralImaging's new C Series cameras are designed to be budget-friendly, yetfeature-packed with top of the line technologies found in priciermodels such as electronic image stabilization, face detection andred-eye removal.  The C1233 and C1033 will be available in black,silver, red and other colors. The C1233 will be available in Q2 for aSRP of $59.99 and the C1033 in Q3 for a SRP of $69.99.

  • GE Smart Series - A1255 and A1455

Lastmonth, General Imaging introduced the A1255 and A1455, two dependableand stylish cameras with intuitive features that make beautifulphotography accessible. Part of its smart value series, each cameraoffers 5X optical zoom and a 2.7-inch LCD screen to easily preview yourshots. The GE A1255 is a robust camera that features 12 megapixels ofresolution, for a SRP of $89.99. For theeveryday photographer who seeks even greater high-resolution detail theGE A1455 offers 14 megapixels of resolution for crystal clearenlargements at a SRP of $99.99. Both cameras will ship this spring, and are available in a variety of colors including black, silver and red.

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rapid1 replied on Mon, Feb 22 2010 11:24 PM

Hmm GE seems to be late to the party for sure.Either way they have some nice looking equipment as well as some not so great looking stuff (Top Cam). The more players in the market the best for consumers in general. I personally don't think I would get a GE cam, but I also try out everything somewhere physically before buying it as well. That is unless I have some trusted benches like the one done around here. I still like to get my hands on it first if at all possible. So I also might if it was good or innovative enough in the market space.

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