Netgear Adds Integrated 3G Connectivity To MBRN3300 Router

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News Posted: Tue, Feb 9 2010 11:01 AM
Netgear has been in the router business for years now, but connectivity is changing. It's not just Wi-Fi that we need access to anymore--it's 3G as well. The company's newest broadband router makes sure to integrate that very functionality, with the MBRN3300 featuring an internal 3G modem as well as the typical features you'd expect in a Wi-Fi router.

Inside, the device has an Ericsson 3G HSPA radio for connecting to cellular data networks, an 802.11n Wi-Fi radio and support for hard-wired Ethernet connections as well. It features four 10/100 Ethernet ports, EV-DO or HSPA data support and tons of security additions. There's even an optional car power adapter for taking this on the road and giving your automobile a taste of Wi-Fi while on the road. There's no word on price yet, but it should be out soon.

Mobile Broadband Internet anywhere – use the MBRN3300to share your 3G broadband across multiple devices via WiFi or Ethernet- at home, in the office or while traveling.

MBRN3300is an offer that allows Service Providers to capture more revenue fromnew Mobile Broadband Data customers as they discover the value andconvenience of mobile internet access. With this mobile router, newData Plan customers may connect an entire LAN via the 3G MobileNetwork. It creates higher ARPU as customers use of mobile dataaccelerates and leads them to upgrade their data plans. This MobileBroadband Router enables Service Providers to introduce new LAN-centricMobile Data Plans at even higher traffic limits. This mobile router maybe carried by customers from one residence to another without a servicecall, delivering more flexibility than wired broadband, lowering movecosts and extending the life of this network asset.

This 802.11nwireless gateway/router delivers sticky services as Mobile and Wiredservices are bundled into “single bill” offerings. Five products inone, it combines an internal 3G HSPA or EV-DO modem with a router,10/100 LAN switch, 802.11n access point and a firewall. Featuringhigh-speed 802.11n and NETGEAR’S secure Push ‘N Connect™ WiFi ProtectedSetup — it allows fast large file download and real time media playbackof high quality digital movies, photos, and MP3s. Simple to use,customers simply turn it on, connect with WiFi and are connected to theInternet without any setup required.

See the Netgear MBRN3000 Mobile Broadband Router with drivers for external 3G USB Modems for existing Data Plan customers.


  • Internal 3G Wireless Data Modem and antennas ( 3 models up to 20Mbps)
  • 4 - 10/100 Ethernet LAN Ports
  • 802.1n WiFi Access Point with WPS
  • Firewall

TheMBR33300 gives instant connectivity with or without wires, and workswith 802.11n devices as well as legacy 802.11g/b devices. This routerprovides direct, always-on Internet connectivity and multi-user accesssharing at 3G speeds. This powerful router distributes MP3s, digitalmovies and photos with fast 10/100 switched LAN ports and shares asingle IP address with up to 253 users.

Hassle Free
Built-inport forwarding settings, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP™) and virtualprivate network (VPN) pass-through make it simple to play Internetgames, send instant messages, and host Internet services. The userinterface is in local language. It supports PCs, Macintosh®, andvirtually all Ethernet devices. NETGEAR’s Push ‘N Connect™ WiFiProtected Setup makes wireless security configuration easier than ever.

Firewallusing Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and intrusion control featuresDenial of Service protection from hacker attacks, while VPN (VirtualPrivate Network) pass-through permits secure access to office orcorporate network and enables VPN services. Content filtering controlsaccess to inappropriate web sites and limits usage by time of day. Italso logs browsing activities and provides optional email alerts. DMZsupport allows unrestricted access from the Internet to one computer(for hosting web services).

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rapid1 replied on Wed, Feb 10 2010 2:11 AM

Hmmm strange maybe it's just my area though. I can get Clearwire, Sprint, or Comcast 4G here. I have not tried it, and am thinking they are all the same network as they all appeared around the same time. The Clearwire Sprint thing I know is the joined somehow, the Comcast wireless I am not sure is a part of it though. It did show up at roughly the same time though.

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