Endless Ideas Launches BeBook Neo Wi-Fi E-Reader

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News Posted: Fri, Jan 22 2010 11:39 AM
The e-book market is hotter than ever. Amazon may have really started it, but since then Sony, Spring Design and a whole host of others havejoined the party. Endless Ideas has also been a player for awhile now,but it has just recently started to gain traction. The BeBook One andBeBook Mini didn't have the feature set of some of the more modernreaders, but the BeBook Neo looks to change that.

The Neo is the "world's first Wi-Fi e-reader with access to eBookstores worldwide," using E Ink screen technology, a powerful CPU and abattery that allows for up to 7000 page turns. It's also said to be2.5x faster when it comes to browsing and reading, and it also hasWACOM technology that allows for annotations and text mark-up. It willsupport popular file formats such as ePUB and PDF, and it's availablefor pre-order now for a February shipment.

A new star is born: the BeBookNeo
World'sfirst WiFi ereader with access to eBook stores worldwide.

Endless Ideas, specialists in eReader technology, today launches its exciting new eBook reader the BeBook Neo.

After our successful models'BeBook One' and the pocket sized 'BeBook Mini' we collected suggestionsfrom our customers and packed them into a new attractive eReader.
TheBeBookNeo is using the latest patented ePaper E Ink technology for an amazingreadingexperience. Read anything, anytime, anywhere.
The powerful processoroffers unparalleled reading and browsing speeds. BeBook Neo´s powerfulbattery allows up to 7000 pageturns on a full charge.
Unique features.
-  Easy eBook store access: Simply go to the NeoeBook portal and a worldmap will appear. Just click on your countryand you will see a clear overview of third party eBook stores. The bestpart is that YOU decide where YOU want to purchase eBooks.

-  Connect to the Internet through WIFI. Besides shopping for eBooks online, you can access Google and Wikipedia on the go.

-TheBeBook Neo is the fastest eReader currently on the market. Offering upto 2,5 times faster browsing and operating speeds, due to its powerfulFreescale processor.

-TheNeo features the latest WACOM touchpanel technology, which provides averyfast and more natural reading experience. The touch screen allows youto use your BeBook Neo for sketching, annotations and text mark-up;ideal for educational and business purposes.
-  Theopen architecture of the BeBook Neo makes it possible to expand itscapabilities. Keep an eye on www.mybebook.com for firmware updates.  We have some very cool  features planned forthe near future.

Popular file formats. Just like our previous modelsmost popular file formats can be read, including 'ePub' and 'PDF' (both withand without Adobe DRM), txt and even popular picture file formats, like JPG,are included.

Additional information.

-The BeBook Neo is available for pre order and will be available second half of February.

More information can be foundon our new website : www.mybebook.com
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3vi1 replied on Fri, Jan 22 2010 4:08 PM

Hmmm... I don't think I'd want to be competing against Amazon, Sony, and soon Apple. I give them +1 for guts.

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And it's priced at $299. They would have had a much better shot if this was being released two years.

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Soupstyle replied on Fri, Jan 22 2010 7:32 PM

Looks like a decent product.

I agree they are fighting uphill against sony and B&N and amazon and soon to be apple.

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rapid1 replied on Sat, Jan 23 2010 12:48 AM

I second what everyone is saying and what is with the E-ink displays. I remember when E-ink was talking a little bit ago about the had color. However; I as of yet see no color except for media kits from there competitor's. This sounds kinda like the Nvidia stuff to me. If you beleive it I have a Gold cugerand in my back pocket you can see it for 1000 bucks, in cash!

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