DisplayLink Module Enables Toshiba's Dynadock V10 To Power DVI Monitor Over USB

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News Posted: Tue, Jan 12 2010 12:14 AM
DisplayLink has quietly revolutionized the way we use monitors. Onceupon a time, the only way to connect a monitor to a computer was tohook it up via VGA, DVI, HDMI, composite or one of those "other"hard-wire solutions. Now, a simple USB connection can be used to pipesignals to a screen, which is particularly helpful if you're a notebookuser looking to expand the amount of screen real estate available toyou.

The DL-165 module has been embedded into Toshiba's Dynadock V10, acompact USB Port Replicator that's designed to function as aUSB-enabled docking station, but without the bulk that usuallyaccompanies such devices. In short, this will accomplish everythingthat a docking station will, but it's "half the size and one-thirdthinner than other products in the dynadock family." The virtualgraphics card means that a DVI monitor can be connected and supportresolutions as high as 1920x1080, and a single USB connection from thestation to your machine can also connect a slew of USB accessories,audio in/out, etc. to whatever rig you plug the station into. The dockis available now in Europe, but America is still waiting for its priceand release date.

DisplayLink’s unique silicon and software solution allows consumers to plug the new Toshiba dynadock™ V10 –USB Mini Port Replicator to any laptop PC with just one easy USB connection. Then, anything connected to the dock – such as an extra monitor, other peripherals like keyboards, mice and digital cameras, and even Ethernet – is immediately and automatically available for use.

The dynadock™ V10 is Toshiba’s first dock that combines an entry level cost with a full set of features in a mini sized package – making it an easy-to-choose computing companion for consumers and business travelers. It’s half the size and one-third thinner than other products in the dynadock™ family.

“DisplayLink’s USB virtual graphics provide a quick, simple way for laptop users to double their visual workspace,” said Dennis Crespo, executive vice president of business development and marketing for DisplayLink. “The dynadock V10 is another practical, productive Toshiba docking solution that is the perfect campaign for today's thin and light Notebooks and Netbooks."

Delivering crisp, fast-response graphics via USB 2.0 is enabled by DisplayLink’s DL-165 chip, part of the new DL-1x5 chip series introduced earlier this year. The DL-165 supports display resolutions up to 1920x1080 and features software and hardware advances that increase overall performance, allowing for smoother video playback.

Other features of the new Toshiba V10 mini dock include four USB 2.0 ports, a DVI connector, audio, 10/100 Ethernet. The DisplayLink Certified device also is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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kid007 replied on Tue, Jan 12 2010 2:35 PM

this should be pretty good, instead of buying a projector. Buy one and enjoy the 1920x1080 resolution

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