MSI Goes Sexy At CES: U160, X620, Core i7 Rigs, And More

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News Posted: Wed, Jan 6 2010 4:42 AM
MSI confessed that some new things were on deck for CES, and sureenough the company has today confirmed that they weren't just kiddingaround. A whole slew of new notebooks and desktops were unveiled, witha few machines in particular really catching our eye. The X620 and U160are both exceptionally stylish, and while MSI has always had a thingfor producing sexy computers, these are just remarkably classy.

The 13" X-Slim X350, Wind U135 Special One Million Edition (whichcelebrates the sale of "several million" of these), X-Slim X620 and abunch of new Core i7-powered G Series machines are just the tip of theiceberg, so take a peek below for the rest of the details. Well, exceptpricing and release, both of which are evidently still being finalized.

The Full Range of MSI Notebook Computers at CES 2010 Rocking the International Scene with Cutting Edge & Stylishly  Refined Products
MSIis bringing it with multiple 2010 iF Design Award winning notebooks,including the all-new Wind U Series, G & GE Series, classicallystylish C Series, and ultra-thin and elegant X-Slim Series notebookswith fully upgraded software and even more fashionably refinedexteriors that will set off a new wave of technological refinement atCES 2010!

(Las Vegas) The full range of new MSInotebooks, including 2010 iF Product Design Award winners and a 2009CES Top 10 Gadget winner will bring their powerful momentum into LasVegas for four days at CES 2010 (January 7-10). The full range of newnotebooks and concept products derived from over 23 years of R&Dand manufacturing strength will be on display for the whole world tosee.

MSI Notebook Marketing Director Sam Chern indicates thatthe full range of new products will include the light and portable WindU Series, the high performance audio/video G & GE Series, theclassically stylish C Series, the ultra-thin and elegant X-Slim Series,multiple 2010 iF Product Design Award winning computer products, fullyupgraded software, and even more fashionably refined exteriors. Theseall new powerful innovations are certain to radiate on theinternational stage and set off a new wave of technologically refinedproducts!

The iF Award winning Wind U160 & Special One Million Edition U135 Fashion Statement
Wind U160 iF Product Design Award Winner:MSI brings the proud achievements of the Wind U Series to CES 2010 todisplay multiple netbook products featuring outstanding quality,exquisite design, and the latest Intel Pine Trail platform. Yet to bereleased and making its first appearance at CES, the ultra-thin 10.1"Wind U160 netbook has already caused a stir by winning an "Oscar of thedesign world", a 2010 iF Product Design Award. Its exterior featuressuperbly beautiful styling, it weighs a mere 1kg, and is ultra-thin atless than 1” thick. With a Fancy Gold Color Film Print coating, MSI'sexclusive Chiclet keyboard, seamless multi-touch pad, and otherdistinctive designs, it makes a clear fashion statement. The U160 isthe trendiest in exquisite mobile technology products currentlyavailable.

Wind U135 Special One Million Edition:The Wind U135 features MSI's exclusive Chiclet keyboard, and the newestColor Film Print coating in 4 special release bold colors: Trendy Blue,Refined Silver, Cherry Red, and Wind Dancer Black. To celebrate severalmillion sales of the U Series netbooks since their introduction to themarket, MSI will offer a special release Trendy Blue and Cherry RedU135 Special One Million Edition.

Beautiful, Glittering Diamonds: The High Performance Dual Core X-Slim Radiates on Stage
The 13” X-Slim X350 Glittering Diamond is Revealed:The full range of MSI's beautiful ultra-thin X-Slim notebook computershas undergone a major evolution with the release of the 13" X350 &X360, the 14" X420, the 15.6" X600Pro, and the winner of an Oscar ofthe design world, an iF Product Design Award, the X620. They will allmake their first appearance onstage at CES! New X-Slim products featurethe Intel CULV platform with Intel Core 2 Duo processors that offerhigh performance processing power and ultra-long battery life. Also,MSI’s exclusive Chiclet keyboard and an all-new glittering and elegantColor Film Print coating make the high end exterior design even moreexquisite.

The X-Slim X620 with 2010 iF Design Award Honors:Winner of an iF Design Award, the X620 features a 15.6" LED display, afuselage of less than 1" thick, built-in Blu-ray player, discretegraphics card, and around 10 hours of battery life! The 13" X350 andX360 especially take advantage of MSI's exclusive and stylish engravingtechnology by integrating geometric lines and diamond patterns tocreate a glittering diamond design that dazzles the eyes. The newgeneration 14" X420 features a discrete graphics card with 1GB DDR3VRAM and MSI 3D Boost technology. The X420 further supports two of thelatest network communications technologies, 3.5G and WiMAX, so you canenjoy a truly mobile networked lifestyle.

All-New G Series Evolution: The Boldest on the Planet!
Featuring the All-New Intel® New Core™ Processor:MSI's G Series notebooks have undergone a complete evolution. At CES2010, they will be the first to display extremely fast gaming modelsfeaturing the latest generation Intel Calpella platform, including the17" GT740 & GX740, the 17.3" GE700, the 15.4" GT640 & GX640,and the 16" GE600. All feature the world's fiercest Intel® New Core™processor family and built-in, high end discrete graphics cards.Compared to last year’s notebooks, overall performance has increasedover 30 percent, and 3D graphics and image and processing power hasimproved by 50 percent to let you constantly experience a smorgasbordof lifelike audio and video.

Built-In High Performance 3D Discrete Graphics Card:The all-new MSI G Series GX640, GX740, GE600, and GE700 haveexperienced a software evolution that traverses generations and allfeature Intel's most advanced Intel® Core™ i5 dual core processor, ahigh end ATi Mobility Radeon HD high performance 3D discrete graphicscard (1GB VRAM), and support Direct X 11 to allow for displayperformance that far surpasses any previous specifications. Not onlyare colors richer and resolution more distinct, but effectivemultimedia image access and operational performance has increased.Whether you are immersed in a smooth, high-speed 3D game or enjoyingmultimedia audio & video, the G Series truly shows off itsunparalleled performance limits!

C Series Notebooks: Effortlessly Enjoy Popular Classic Styling
Complete Trans-Generational Hardware/Software Evolution:MSI's all-new Classic Series notebook models from 14" to 17.3" includethe CR420, CR620, and CR720 and feature inter-generational evolutionsin hardware and software configured for outstanding display compositionand improved operational performance. The all-new MSI Classic Seriesnotebooks come with Intel's most advanced Intel® Core™ i5 dual coreprocessors that offer 30 percent better performance than traditionalnotebooks. With Turbo Boost technology, the appropriate allocation ofsystem resources results in unparalleled high performance limits.

Clean & Simple Classic Exterior:The new MSI Classic Series notebooks exterior design is fashionablyclassic to the extreme. An exterior design featuring compact 45degree-angled flowing lines around the periphery soften the profile ofthe fuselage and arrange the I/O ports, heat vents, components to givethe overall notebook a cohesive feel. The battery fits directly intothe bottom of the fuselage, resulting in a smooth, curved profile. Atthe same time, thickness and weight are less than traditional notebooksof the same size, so you can enjoy a simple, eco-friendly urbanlifestyle.

All-New Concept Products: Realizing the Digital Lifestyle of Tomorrow
MSIwill reveal its innovative R&D prowess at CES 2010 by exhibitingits HD e-book, dual display touch screen e-book, wireless batterycharger for notebooks, the newest 3D notebook, and all-new conceptproducts.

Dual Display Touch Screen e-book:Incorporating traditional book and notebook computer concepts, the dualdisplay touch screen e-book will change user perception of notebookcomputers and e-books. It features 10" dual touch screen displays thatuse an exclusive virtual keyboard and added tactile impressions throughits intuitive counter-force reaction function. With the Intel Menlowplatform, Windows 7, high-speed WLAN, and SSD storage, this conceptsmashes e-book, notebook, PDA, and other handheld device concepts,letting users take advantage of the most user-friendly technology.

3D Notebook; Wireless Notebook Battery Charger Technology:MSI will also display an all-new 3D notebook with a 15.6" 120Hz 3D HDdisplay. Its GPU and 120Hz 3D panel work together to create an averagesimultaneous presentation of 60 images for both the left and righteyes. With NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ glasses, lifelike 3D images appear andcreate the perfect integration of real and virtual worlds! Wirelessnotebook battery charger technology turns the traditional power supplyconcept on its head. Just set a notebook on the wireless batterycharging pad (a power cord is unnecessary) to automatically charge thenotebook's battery and help make the high tech lifestyle even easierand more convenient!
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Woah woah woah, aside from this being a nice notebook, is this the dual display touch screen that is mentioned in the quote?  I want to see these dual screens. 

[edit] Well, you guys set off my curiosity.  Anyone looking for the dual touch screen can find it here.  And I must say it is pretty awesome by the looks of it.  Except for them not doing a great job modding the software for it.

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