Garmin Adds New Oregon Handhelds To Lineup

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News Posted: Wed, Dec 30 2009 6:58 PM
Garmin announced the new Oregon 450t and Oregon 450 touchscreen GPS devices. These newest members of Garmin’s next-generation outdoor handheld family are compatible with the online community at Garmin Connect as well as Garmin’s free Custom Maps utility for transferring paper or digital maps onto the handheld.

The Oregon 450t and Oregon 450 feature a glove-friendly touchscreen interface with a 3-inch color display that's easy to read in all conditions. Other upgrades include user-selectable dashboards, enhanced track navigation, high-speed USB for faster map transfers with your computer, photo navigation, and the 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass which shows your heading even when you’re standing still. The new dashboards let you customize the appearance of various pages on the Oregon, including the geocaching, compass, stopwatch, and elevation functions. The new Oregon units also include a barometric altimeter, paperless geocaching and wireless exchange of tracks, waypoints, routes, and geocaches with compatible Oregon, Dakota, Colorado, and Foretrex devices.

Both units come with a worldwide shaded relief basemap; the Oregon 450t adds preloaded 100K topographic maps for the entire United States and state-of-the-art 3D elevation perspective. You can also customize maps for your Garmin outdoor handheld using Garmin’s Custom Maps.

The new handhelds are compatible with Garmin Connect. This free-to-join online community lets you share, store, analyze, and enjoy trips. You can share activities on Facebook and Twitter, export to Google Earth, or relive the activity in table view, calendar view, or on a variety of maps.

The Oregon 450t and Oregon 450 weigh 6.8 ounces and last up to 16 hours on two AA batteries. They have 850MB of internal memory that can store up to 2,000 waypoints, 200 routes, 5,000 caches and a tracklog of up to 10,000 points and 200 saved tracks. For storing photos and optional map data, there's also a microSD card slot.

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3vi1 replied on Thu, Dec 31 2009 3:52 PM

What a rip-off: I just checked my map, and New Oregon's not even a state, so you'll never need GPS there.

What part of "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" don't you understand?


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