Upstairs Router. Poor Signal downstairs

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hachiman Posted: Mon, Dec 28 2009 6:28 PM


I have a Belkin G router upstairs and so far had no problems connecting other devices to it downstairs such as laptops and mobile phones.

However i bought my son a PC at xmas to play games on and he's getting a lot of lag and disconnects. The signal strength comes up on his pc as poor to fair.

I went and bought a Belkin N router and adapter as i thought this would address the issue but i'm still getting the same signal levels.

I've even moved the router closer to the upstairs bedroom door so it is nearer the stairs, but no difference.

Anything i can do or buy?

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Marco C replied on Mon, Dec 28 2009 7:42 PM

There may be, yes.  Which model router did you get, exactly?

If the router has removable antennas, you may be able to replace one (or more) of the stock antennas with higher-gain omni directional antennas, or even a directional antenna, targeted at the problem computer.

In addition, if your router is supported by DD-WRT,you may be able to flash the firmware and increase the transmit power of the router.

The absolute best solution would be to move the router to a central location that better services all of the systems.

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you can also try and access point which will relay the signal for downstairs as well... but the access point and the router need to have good signal between the two

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Super Dave replied on Mon, Dec 28 2009 11:21 PM

Anything i can do or buy?

If you have external antennas on both the router and the adapter you should orient them so that they are parallel to each other like this:  l l  . I had a similar problem with my old Linksys WRT54G two-mast router, and it was quite maddening. I finally replaced it with a very cheap Airlink AR525W router that has made my wireless network a Heaven-on-Earth. That Airlink is a wireless G MIMO router, but my wireless cards don't support MIMO. Instead, I attribute the wonderful signal strength and speed to the fact that the router has three rather-large external antenna masts:

 There are many new wireless routers that look really cool, like this one...

...but I would choose an ugly 3 mast-er instead!


*EDIT* - My router is also upstairs on one side of the house, and it provides excellent coverage downstairs, even on the opposite end of the home approximately 50 feet away. 

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