Samsung CL80 Point And Shoot Camera Offers 14MP Sensor And 7x Zoom

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News Posted: Sun, Dec 27 2009 4:06 AM
If you somehow managed to not get that point and shoot camera forChristmas that you had been begging for, Samsung just might havesomething that'll suit your fancy coming up. We suspect that thecompany will make this "more official" sometime soon, but given that afully detailed product page has already been erected, we're assumingthat you can go ahead and mark this one down as a sure bet.

The Samsung CL80 is one of the more advanced point and shoot camerasthat we've seen in quite some time, boasting a 14MP sensor, built-inWi-Fi capabilities, a 3.7" AMOLED touch panel, a compact size, 31mmwide-angle lens, frame guide, smart album and 7x optical zoom. You'llnotice that the rear is completely devoid of buttons, so it you're notmuch on interacting with a touch screen, you'll probably want to lookelsewhere. Still, a 14MP sensor and a 7x optical zoom on a camera ofthis size is nearly unheard of, so it definitely bodes well for thefuture of compact cams given that the competition will be forced toreact and put out something similar to compete.

There's also a dual image stabilization module, which helps tocompensate for wrist shake and other environmental distractions thatcause shake. It can even shoot HD movies (captures are at 1280x720p),and with the integrated Wi-Fi, users can upload photos as soon as theytake them to Picasa, Facebook, Flickr or Photobox (assuming they arenear a hotspot). You can even upload your videos directly to YouTube.Talk about handy--you won't even need to offload media to a PC beforegetting it to the web. Samsung has yet to make clear a price or releasedate, but we suspect this one will be priced far outside the range ofbargain hunters.
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Just got the Samsung TL225, it features a similar touchscreen on the back, and another screen on the front. Again, very innovative from Samsung. I'm loving that they're taking risks, I'm very happy with my camera.

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