TravelTrac iPhone App Journals Your Journeys As They Happen

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 30 2009 2:22 PM
Got an itch for travel? Got an even bigger itch for keeping up with the latest technologies? If so, TravelTrac's new iPhone app is tailor made for your kind, and it's likely to both make your friends envious and fulfill your wishes to better journal your journeys. Available now in the App Store, the application enables users to upload media (videos/photos) as well as geotagged locations and text describing the events in chronological order in an online travelogue.

The app integrates nicely with the iPhone's features, and considering that you may not have signal everywhere you travel to, the app automatically saves (in the correct order) any inputs you make wihle searching for service and will automatically upload them once you move back into civilization. Two versions of the app are available, with TravelTrac Pro geotagging every destination, photo, and video from your iPhone and generating a custom travel micro site integrating personal Google Maps with photo slideshow and video features.

Of course, these updates can also be passed down to Facebook and Twitter, and if you're looking for the Lite version you'll have to deal with a few restrictions when it comes to uploading. Oh, and if you're a BlackBerry or Android user, expect this app to come to your favorite platform in 2010.

By integrating "offline" mode technologies TravelTrac lets the active traveler "Drop off the Grid, but Stay on the Map" and stay connected to friends and family from anywhere on the globe - even when cellular or wireless connections are unavailable. Once a user re-establishes a connection simply re-launch the App and all text, photos, and video content taken offline will automatically update your custom travelogue with chronological accuracy mapping and detailing your travel experiences. TravelTrac will begin supporting Google Android and BlackBerry OS devices in 2010.

Users control how their travel information is displayed. Post public trips for global outreach and promote your adventures using TravelTrac's Facebook and Twitter integration tools. Or share your adventures exclusively with select friends using password protected viewing options. Import contacts and TravelTrac sends e-mail notifications with a link to your custom travelogue whenever updates are made.

You can also participate in TravelTrac Forums and publically share your expertise and knowledge about any travel destination. TravelTrac gives the active traveler a unique new way to participate and share their trips and travels online as personal, robust, multimedia entertainment. Share your own adventures as they happen using the only web supported multimedia travel sharing apps for iPhone.


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There are so many travel apps out there today but almost ALL of them are useless. Call me old-fashioned, but in my opinion there is nothing more effective than using a good travel guide . Sometimes, the best thing to do before a trip is to check out an online travel guide listed on, then buy a book. There are now so many iPhone travel apps on the market that people will stop looking at the scenery and enjoying their vacation, instead they'll be using their smartphone to find out info, text, check emails, flight news and whatever else. Do we need this junk? We managed quite well without travel apps and iphones.

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Clixxer replied on Tue, Apr 9 2013 2:48 PM

When I travel I just hit the road. I usually don't look at travel guides I just go and enjoy myself. If I find something cool then awesome and if I just end up enjoying the place I get to then that works to. Nothing worse than going somewhere and it becomes work to hit all the so-called "hot spots" of a place.

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