Live Music Recordings Come To iTunes, Broke Fans Rejoice

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News Posted: Fri, Nov 27 2009 1:22 PM
Ah, live music. Is there anything better? Maybe a nice new triple-GPUsetup, or possibly a sweet slate of Core i7, but other than that, we'rethinking live music has the edge. Unfortunately, attending yourfavorite concerts has become synonymous with going broke, but the samefolks responsible for jacking the prices are now making it easier thanever to experience your favorite artists up close...but not in the wayyou might expect.

Live Nation has teamed up with artists, labels and iTunes in order toproduce and promote a new section that features live music recordings.The service is currently live on iTunes, though only about 20 artistsare featured at the moment. The section will expand to tout musicianssuch as Ziggy Marley and Jesse McCartney, with prices for the liveshows starting at around $7.99.

We're told that Live Nation has struck licensing deals for publishingthe live performances with both record labels and artists, but it'sstill unclear who exactly is signed on. Honestly, we love this idea.How often have you been to a great performance, only to come home andwish there were some magical way to get a recording from that verynight? We highly doubt they'll record every single concert from everysingle night, but even getting a live recording of a similar setlistfrom the same tour would be awesome for most. Would you be willing totake the plunge here? Particularly if the recording quality was up tosnuff?
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realneil replied on Mon, Nov 30 2009 8:48 AM

The double and then triple drum solo at the start of The last Phil Collins concert I went to would be nice to have on my iMac.

This really IS a good idea.

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