HP iPAQ Glisten Brings WinMo 6.5, AMOLED Display To AT&T

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News Posted: Wed, Nov 25 2009 2:29 PM
HP hasn't really been a major force in the smartphone arena for quite afew years, but they're still rather important in the business sector.Granted, even in that arena it's fighting the likes of RIM and Applenow, but if you're a Windows Mobile loyalist, you'll be right at homehere. The iPAQ Glisten is AT&T's newest 3G world phone, andhonestly, it looks pretty darn slick. It's also the first phone to evercome to AT&T with an AMOLED display, despite the fact that thescreen is just 2.5" due to the QWERTY keyboard beneath it.

The phone runs on a standard edition of Windows Mobile 6.5, and itcomes with a stylus and the all-important Flash support. There's also aGPS chip, Office, voice control, Wi-Fi, and a pre-loaded Facebookapplication. It'll be on sale within the coming weeks for $229.99 on a2-year contract, though a $50 AT&T Promotion Card brings the grandtotal down to $179.99.

Featuring the Microsoft Windows® Mobile 6.5 operating system, theiPAQ Glisten offers a touch-friendly user interface and improvedbrowser with Flash support. Connections to your favorite people,content and applications are a fingertip away on the redesigned StartMenu, and Internet Explorer Mobile** supports the rich experiences thatmany Web pages offer for desktop computers.

Users can easily move between work and leisure with advanced mobilee-mail capabilities, built-in Wi-Fi and GPS functionality as well asrich multimedia features and applications. AT&T supports WindowsMarketplace for Mobile for access to a variety of applications.

The iPAQ Glisten features a full QWERTY keyboard and five-waydirectional pad for fast, easy and accurate messaging including SMS/MMSand e-mail. The touch-enabled AMOLED screen, among the best displays onthe market, allows users to easily navigate through menus, windows, andlinks with the touch of a finger.

Manage and take control of demanding professional lifestyles

Power users stay more connected with Outlook calendaring, MicrosoftWord and Excel as well as the ability to view Microsoft PowerPoint andAdobe PDF documents. The HP iPAQ Glisten gives users the ability tomanage a single contact list and synchronize them wirelessly or with aPC using a supported e-mail account. It also comes with an integratedinbox that summarizes recent emails, calls, and texts.

In addition, users can take advantage of the built-in speakerphoneand enjoy the freedom of hands-free control with Voice Commander, voicerecognition software which reads text messages, emails and appointmentdetails and lets users begin messages and dial contacts using simplevoice prompts.

Bridge work and social life

Web browsing and streaming video on the HP iPAQ Glisten are fast andenjoyable with the improved Internet Explorer Mobile 6. Users can turnon the built-in Wi-Fi quickly with a dedicated on/off button and enjoyhigh-speed Internet access – featuring automatic access to over 20,000AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots included at no additional charge with selectsmartphone data plans.

Users can also connect with friends and colleagues on their favoritesocial networking sites, including a preloaded Facebook application.Mobile professionals can capture pictures and videos with the 3.1megapixel camera and view them in brilliant color and clarity or editthem with HP Photosmart Mobile and easily share them via email or onthe Web using Snapfish.

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acarzt replied on Thu, Nov 26 2009 11:29 PM

that is a rather nice looking phone. I only wish the screen was bigger.

I haven't heard anything about these AMOLED screens... the fact that it has OLED in the name, I would assume it is similar. Details anyone?

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digitaldd replied on Fri, Nov 27 2009 9:51 AM

I love me some iPaqs. only problem with them for me is they no get 3G on T-mobile only AT&T in the US as they do not work on the 1700mhz frequncy T-mo's 3G uses.

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