Stage 2 Build: DuoPlus+

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DuoPlus Posted: Wed, Nov 25 2009 2:38 AM

Well I just received my equipment today, ASUS yall ROCK, I would like to take this time to thank ASUS and all the sponsors who contributed to the contest. 

First of all I will be starting from the ground up.  In the next month I will be deligently working day and night on this case mod, my time will be limited but I will not GIVE UP.  So lets get started.  I will be starting with two computer cases that I purchased from Fry's that I bought on clearance for $10 a piece.

And the majority of my build will consist of aluminum angle iron that I purchased from Lowes and Home Depot.

From the two computer cases I will be using the motherboard tray from both of them. So I had to drill out all rivets that attached the motherboard to the case.


Will continue tomorrow, got to go to work.

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DuoPlus replied on Sat, Nov 28 2009 3:58 AM

Stage 2 Build: Continued 2

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I hope everyone had enough turkey.  I know I did.  I eat so much and was so full that I couldn't work on my case mod, but then again we had company come by and I didn't want to be rude. So I couldn't start on "DuoPlus+" until my company leave, that was around 8:00 PM. I started around 9:30 PM.  I worked on it until 3:00 AM, but I got alot of progress since the last time I replied. 

So I will start off by explaining how I will go about into finishing and explaining "DuoPlus+".  First of all I will discuss my design by sections.  Each section will be a finished part of my design, I will show my layout and then the finished result, and then explain how I went about in building that particular section. 

Now I have finish my first section, Part 1: Gamer/Test Bench Design:




First I had to drill holes into the motherboard tray for my wires: the main power supply cable, cpu power cable, and sata cables.  I also had to drill holes for water tubing since I am going watercooling.  I had to use a old ASUS motherboard the P5W DH DELUXE inorder to see where I will drill my holes.  I went ahead and made a template for the other motherboard tray.  Inorder to save time for the same layout.  I bought a .20mm gauge sheet of aluminum from Lowes, inorder so I can easily cut with shears.



I used a sheet of aluminum thread that I purchase from Lowes for my bottom, so the motherboard tray can sit on.  I went ahead and drew all lines for holes and overall size for the bottom.  The odd long holes will be for lighting, I will be using liquid neon lights. 

I used a multi functional power tool, purchased from Harbor Freight, to cut out the the holes for the aluminum thread. 

Once all the holes are cutout, the notorious filing I had to go through inorder to keep from cutting myself.

The power supply will be mounted on the bottom of the aluminum thread, so I used the power supply fixture from one of mangled computer case.  I used a old power supply to determine where to place the power supply fixture.

I bought a sheet of flourescent green plexi-glass from for the bottom of the aluminum thread.  For some reason I chose green because it looks cool and vibrant.  I also used the plexi-glass for the sides where the fans are going to be mounted.  For the plexi-glass I had to cutout the holes for the existing holes from the aluminum thread.  I also had to cutout a larger area for the cathode liquid neon lights.  I had to rig up a mounting bracket on the bottom of the aluminum thread inorder to keep the liquid neon lights on the bottom.  The neon lights come with double sided tape, but that tape usually comes off by heat, so I didn't won't to use them, so I devised my own bracket.

For the holes for the fans, I used a 120mm fan as template, to draw the holes to be cutout of the plexi-glass.  I also used the fans inorder to drill the screw holes.

I had to use one of my GTX 285, to determine the width and height clearance for the angle cut for the side plexi-glass.

I had to go ahead and paint the motherboard tray before I afix it to the aluminum thread.  I used two different paints inorder to give it a different color and sequence for the green seen.

The clear plexiglass thats on top is different type of plexiglass, it is called Endlighten.  It illuminates by led lighting.  I will show it off at the end of my design when everything is finished.  The website for Endlighten. .



To Be Continued.

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Manduh replied on Thu, Dec 3 2009 11:54 AM

Looking awesome!

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DuoPlus replied on Sat, Dec 5 2009 11:17 PM

Stage 2 Build: Continued 3

I decided to build all the inside parts which includes DVD/Blu Ray/Storage compartment, resorvoir compartment for my watercooling setup, the fridge compartment, the hard drive holder, and the temperature gauge compartment.  Lets get started with the DVD/Blu ray/ Storage compartment:

I had to use two old 5.25 drives that I had laying around, inorder to get all my dimensions to cut the aluminum angle iron.

I will be using drawer hinges that I bought from Home Depot, I used them inorder to pullout and close the compartment.  Beside the DVD and reservoir, there will be storage area for thumb drives, SD  cards, or anything else that can be stored.

Now the front bezel for the drives.

I had to give the drives extra support at the bottom of the tray, I used channel iron, turned face down.

Finish putting drawer assembly in place.

Start building the front face for the drives and resorvoir, I used smoked plexi-glass.

Now the fridge setup.

The Hard drive holder

The hard drives will be watercooled, those are the actually hard drive coolers.  They are the Alphacool HF 14 Cooldisc

Now the temperature gauge holder:

Now the primer and paint, all the wood was primed and painted black.

I will have pictures for all the finished inside compartments in my next blog.  Next time I wil have the frame assembled.  I will also be adding a notebook tray to my case.

Until Next Time.

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DuoPlus replied on Mon, Dec 14 2009 1:39 AM

I am back and last time I said I was going to show pictures of all my inside parts and here they are, I also included the notebook tray and a custom radiator rad for the both of my Thermochill PA 120 triple radiators. 

Now the case frame.  I started off by using the inside components as an idea on how wide and how high the frame will be measured.

 Now the actual build.

Now I will build the bottom part.  It will hold my UPS, KVM switch for both computers, and speaker system.

Now the back door for easy access to all critical radiator, water pumps and inside compartments.


Now I will show my HTPC computer enclosure build.


Now the Hard drive holder and finished frame.



Until next time, I should be close to finishing and putting everything together.  I can't wait so I can actually show off the ASUS P7P55D PREMIUM and all the sponsors components.

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Wow, that's looking good.

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DuoPlus replied on Wed, Dec 16 2009 11:52 AM

Thank You

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DuoPlus replied on Mon, Dec 21 2009 1:59 PM

Well I'm just about finished with the build, I will be showing the testbench/gamer setup>

Yea , the Samsung SSD will perform.

Now the Laptop Tray

Now lets have a cold one, The Fridge

These are the fans for the radiators

I will have a video of the full capablities of The Duoplus+.  The HTPC will be under construction until I can get another motherboard.  I will be showing off the testbench/gamer.


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