Dell's Studio 17 Notebook Gains Core i7, Multi-Touch Screen

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News Posted: Tue, Nov 24 2009 4:42 PM
Dell's Studio 17 has been around for well over a year now, so it's certainly due for an update. Aside from the off-hand processor bump, however, we haven't come to expect much in the wake of refreshes on lower-end machines. Out of nowhere, Dell's Studio 17--a decidedly mid-range 17" notebook for the company--has gained optional multi-touch support. Yeah, multi-touch. The same stuff that was found on the $2000 T400s Multi-Touch edition that we reviewed earlier in the year.

N-trig, a company known for its DuoSense solution combining pen and capacitive multi-touch in a single device, has been chosen to provide the multi-touch panel for Dell's Studio 17, and we're told that it's a "true four-point touch interface that enables a broader span of software capabilities, user collaboration, and fun for the whole family."

In fact, users can even get the Studio 17 with a 1GB ATI GPU and a Core i7 CPU, making this a viable alternative to some of the more expensive (and non-multi-touch) rivals out there. Interested in what a touch panel can do for you? Check out the video below.

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Xylem replied on Wed, Nov 25 2009 3:29 AM

This is something that took a long time to come. Finally now that Dell has launched it, We can expect lots of activity in the "i7 Laptop with Multi touch" arena. I would only wish others also jump the wagon similar to the "Netbook" phenomenon (mad rush should I call!!).

I should not forget to mention the infinite amounts of cleaning to be done to screen, if at all it needs to be ;), thanks to the touchscreen. I am having headaches already with my touch enabled Netbook.

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HP has an i7 out as well.... Though it needs to be asked what number of people will actually benifit from  an i7 in there computer... Its not like its going to make the internet and their email load faster which is about what 90% of people do with their computers .....

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realneil replied on Wed, Nov 25 2009 7:36 PM

Yep, the cleaning would be the thing that would stop me from jumping on this.

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