DOOM Classic Takes You To Hell On The iPhone

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 2 2009 4:18 PM
On the PC, first came Wolfenstein 3D, then came DOOM. Such is the way of iPhone gaming ports as well. We saw Wolf3D earlier, and now we see DOOM.

To be honest, it's part of an ongoing trend. With faster CPUs on the iPhone 3G and particularly the iPhone 3GS, more first-person shooters (FPS) are ending up on the iPhone and iPod touch.

You might ask, how much? When id Software first released Wolfenstein 3D, it was $4.99. Since then, it's dropped as low as $0.99 and currently sits at $1.99. DOOM, on the other hand, is a high-priced (for the App Store) $6.99. Ouch!

Don't confuse this with the earlier release, DOOM: Resurrection. That is an all-new chapter, but if you want the full id Software experience in terms of history, you really need to get Wolf3D, DOOM Classic, then DOOM: Resurrection.

On the other hand, that is one minor nit we would have: we would expect that DOOM Classic would cost slightly less than DOOM: Resurrection. Come on, there's still a recession going on here!

At the same time, the game's description indicates there's probably $6.99 worth of fun there:
Welcome to Hell! Prepare to relive the First Person Shooter that defined a generation with the legendary original DOOM - now on the iPhone. As a space marine stationed on the planet Mars, you are all that stands between the armies of Hell and their invasion of planet Earth!DOOM Classic includes the original three episodes as well as Episode Four, Thy Flesh Consumed, spread across 36 levels of non-stop carnage and action.Choose from customizable control schemes, all designed by id Software co-founder and industry legend, John Carmack. Wield unforgettable weapons like the Chainsaw and the BFG 9000 while fighting through notorious monsters like the Imp, Cacodemon, and Hell Knight!In DOOM Classic, multiplayer action is reborn! With a wireless connection, battle up to four players in Deathmatch mode, or work together cooperatively and fight back against the demons of Hell.Features:
  • Play the legendary first person shooter, DOOM, with an iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Fight through 36 missions in four action-packed episodes: Knee-Deep in the Dead, Shores of Hell, Inferno, and Thy Flesh Consumed
  • Experience DOOM multiplayer on your mobile device, including Deathmatch and Cooperative play for up to four players via wireless internet.
  • Choose from three different control types and customize the interface to suit your style
  • Explore the depths of Mars while utilizing the topdown map to help you explore and save your game on the fly.
  • Listen to the original soundtrack or disable it and use your own iPod music
Welcome to Hell! Start shooting, and start reminiscing.
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These were fun in the day, and on my old PC's. I'm not gonna be buying them for a phone though.

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3vi1 replied on Tue, Nov 3 2009 10:53 AM

I'm with you. I think that horse has been flogged to death.

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I'm not even sure how these types of game function practically on the iphone, or on any phone.

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