Intel 34nm X25-M Gen 2 SSD Performance Update

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News Posted: Mon, Oct 26 2009 11:13 AM

Intel 34nm X25-M Gen 2 SSD Performance UpdateIntel has just released a firmware update for their 34nm Gen X25-M solid state drives that not only boosts sequential write performance, but adds support for the TRIM feature as well. A performance optimization tool is also being release today, for users of Windows Vista and XP, who won't be able to take advantage of TRIM.

We flashed one of our Intel 34nm Gen 2 X25-M 160GB SSDs with the new firmware and ran a handful of tests under Windows 7 to see what kind of affect it had on performance. Details of the update process and optimization tool are posted, as well as before and after benchmarks...

Intel 34nm X25-M Gen 2 SSD Performance Update

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martin_nj replied on Tue, Oct 27 2009 9:13 AM

very nice!

when i'm ready to buy i think this will be the drive i go with.


maybe OCZ but i'd have to get a real deal on it...

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frank replied on Sun, Nov 8 2009 11:02 AM

Anyone downloaded the update before Intel took it down that can send me a link to download?

I'm running Windows XP so I'm not worried about the firmware bricking my drive as it appears to be affect Windows 7 (64-bit) installs.

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