BFG Aims For Mars; Launches 18.4" Ultra-Gaming Laptop

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News Posted: Tue, Oct 13 2009 11:24 PM
If you're in the mood for a laptop that more than fits the phrase "desktop replacement" but isn't built by an OEM like Dell (or if a system from Round Rock simply doesn't pack enough awesome from your tastes), the folks at BFG Technologies have built a laptop to complement their high-end "Phobos" desktop system. Unlike Phobos, Deimos isn't water cooled (although water-cooling a laptop might make a neat trick), but it packs just about every other available feature—provided you can afford it.

Deimos is designed around NVIDIA's mobile SLI; the base configuration offers dual GTX 260M video cards with 1GB of memory each. The system doesn't skimp on CPU power or RAM either—available Core 2 processors range from the default Core 2 Duo P8700 (2.53GHz) to the T9900 (3.06GHz) and, for those of you who want quad cores, the Core 2 Quad Q9000 (2GHz) and the Core 2 Extreme QX9300 (2.53GHz). Photos of ports and the like below:

Multiple audio ports, USB, and eSATA on the right side...

HDMI, additional USB, DVI, DVD (or Blu-Ray) on the left.

"The Deimos X-10 SLI notebook is perfect for gamers and media enthusiasts who demand desktop performance but prefer the portability of a notebook," said John Malley, senior director of marketing for BFG Technologies. "Deimos X-10 comes fully locked and loaded to deliver the ultimate HD mobile gaming and multimedia experience." In addition to being a gamer’s dream, Deimos X-10 is a multimedia powerhouse that features an available Super Multi Blu-ray reader, 5 speakers with a built-in sub-woofer, supports Dolby™ surround, 4 USB2.0 ports and both HDMI and DVI output ports. Deimos X-10 also ships with a free Case Logic® notebook backpack.

Don't overlook the notebook backpack, by the way. Finding a laptop bag built for an 18.4" screen is not an easy task. Currently, BFG is offering the Deimos for 10 percent off retail, provided you order in the month of October.

It's not cheap, but if you've got the need for a mobile system that can handle anything, Deimos looks to be a serious contender. As an added bonus, it'd make a heck of a stocking stuffer.

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gibbersome replied on Wed, Oct 14 2009 12:19 AM

"prefer the portability of a notebook'

Lol, there is nothing portable about this! Further confirmed by the difficulty of finding a laptop bag for something of this size. 17" is as far as I'm willing to go and even carrying that's a pain. My Toshiba weighs in over 12 lbs with its power brick.

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kid007 replied on Wed, Oct 14 2009 10:06 AM

""prefer the portability of a notebook'"

Good, however the mainstream hardcore college student that are looking to play and do their hw would buy this. I'm very happy that now a lot of companies are going in into the laptop world. this would bring the cost even lowered and bring a very competitive market in place.

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gibbersome replied on Wed, Oct 14 2009 12:58 PM

I think most mainstream college students would opt for a desktop over this.

The entire idea of having a laptop in college is to be able to take it to class to type up your notes. This thing would take up two writing desks.

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mhenriday replied on Wed, Oct 14 2009 5:05 PM

Lots of techie hype here, but we learn neither how much the machine weighs nor how much it costs (10 % of an indeterminate retail price is an indeterminate price). Nothing either concerning battery usage. Is this supposed to be an independent review or simply a redirected press release from the manufacturer ?...


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Something that large cannot fit on your lap and thus has lost the right to be called a laptop.

But if I were a rich sonofabitch I would buy one for LAN gaming.  Once you're rich enough where there's no appreciable difference between $400 and $4000 one of these would be really badass.

I wonder how many Macbook Airs you could fit inside it?


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3vi1 replied on Wed, Oct 14 2009 6:37 PM

So true! My wife use to have a 17" laptop, and it was such a pain to lug around (and find good bags for) that I went smaller the next time around.

This thing is just too big to really be useful as a portable. They tried to make it more powerful than everything else and lost sight of the core concept.

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One in each USB port. Big Smile

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Joel H replied on Wed, Oct 14 2009 10:48 PM


You aren't looking at a review of any sort, but an announcement (or rather, my writeup of same). Pricing for BFG's three default configurations is $2299, $3699, and $4499. The $2299 can be pulled down below $2K if you opt for just one 250GB hard drive and a single GTX260M.

Weight is going to vary depending on system configuration, and given the number of peripheral options (up to two video cards, three hard drives, external PCIe cards), it's going to swing a bit.

If you want to ballpark it, HP's HDX Dragon that came out earlier this year sported a 20" 4:3 screen and weighed a bit over 17 lbs. I'd expect the BFG Deimos to possibly be a little lighter, since it's "just" 18.4", but I honestly don't know how the smaller screen might be offset by the higher number of drivers or SLI configuration. I think it's very fair, however, to say that this system has much in common with menus at restaurants where prices aren't listed.

If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it. And if you care about how much it weighs...

Well, you see where I'm headed.

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aybabtu replied on Thu, Oct 15 2009 8:37 AM

Does this thing come with smaller laptops in orbit around it?

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