Sony's 1.6lb. VAIO X Is World's Thinnest Notebook, Starts At $1300

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News Posted: Sat, Oct 10 2009 8:10 PM
Here goes Sony claiming another world's first. If you'll recall, thecompany made a pretty big fuss over its VAIO P when that launched backat CES. It refused to call it a netbook (probably due to the fact thatWindows Vista was loaded on), but most everyone else assumed it reallywas the planet's most expensive (and oddly shaped) netbook.

Now, there's the VAIO X, which Sony is using to yet again push theboundaries of what's possible in the laptop sector. Called the world's"lightest notebook," the VAIO X series weighs just 1.6lbs. and isbarely over 0.5" thick. For those bad with math, that's about as thickas your BlackBerry. Yeah, wild! It's built with a carbon-fiber chassisand boasts a 16:9 aspect ratio display, and integrated Verizon Wireless3G is included to keep you connected on the go.

The screen itself is just 11.1" diagonally, but yet again Sony refusesto label this a netbook. The scratch-resistant LCD display is LEDbacklit, and it ships with a standard 3.5 hour battery and a superextended battery for up to 14 hours of usage. The keyboard is thechicklet style that many companies are going to (like Asus), and themultitouch trackpad ensures that you can use your fingers to zoomin/out and rotate images. Also, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS modules areincluded, not to mention a quick SSD, Windows 7 Home Premium and astarting price of $1300.

It's available to pre-order in black or gold starting today, andhonestly, the price is pretty reasonable given just how unique the formfactor is. Too bad the 2GHz Atom Z550 won't provide enough horsepowerto really show off 1080p content or heavy-duty gaming, but no onereally expects that from a machine this thin, anyway.
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Are you sure it's $1300? I was looking for more details and this review lists the starting price at £1,500 ($2375).



Yep, you're right. Found it. The review I posted is incorrect. Thought $2375 would be too much, $1300 is a much better price point. So I guess this will be the hottest thing since...Macbook Air?

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3vi1 replied on Sun, Oct 11 2009 4:23 PM

I'm guessing the $1300 is accurate. With a chiclet keyboard, 11" screen, and the other specs, I wouldn't think they could sell any at $2375, unless they've made some kind of cross-marketing deal with Satan.

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rapid1 replied on Sun, Oct 11 2009 10:33 PM

rofl 3vil as far as Sony and there laptops and a deal with Satan you may not be very far off. They seem to be more on the apple bread of equipment, make the colors cool, but use basically the same hardware. Then they jack the price through the roof compared to like machinery.

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kid007 replied on Mon, Oct 12 2009 4:48 PM

You are payment for a brand name boys, that is what matter :)

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