Belkin's Easy Transfer Cable Makes WinXP/Vista-To-Windows 7 Upgrade Painless

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News Posted: Fri, Oct 9 2009 10:02 AM
You've heard horror stories from your pals who attempted to handle datamigration processes on their own, and you're scared to death to makethe leap to Windows 7. Thankfully, Belkin knows just what a tough spotyou're in, and it has devised a dedicated cable to solve the problemthat worries you most: upgrading. Of note, this cable won't do you anygood if you're planning to upgrade your existing machine from WindowsXP/Vista to Windows 7, but if you're putting together an all new rigand would like to migrate your data and settings over to the fresh rig,this should make your life a lot easier.

We'll confess--the Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7 seems a bitunnecessary, but then again, we're PC enthusiasts. Something tells usthis is being marketed at those who don't know the different between anupload and a download, and if the cable does what it says it'll do,quite a few of those novices will be singing Belkin's praises shortlyafter October 22nd comes and goes. According to the company, the EasyTransfer Cable simplifies the transfer process with uninterruptedtransfer and a post-migration report that provides comprehensive detailof what was transferred. And yes, it works with both Windows XP andVista-based systems.

Of course, it'll cost you $39.99 for the time savings and promise of noheadaches, but you know, it could just be worth it if you're not usedto handling these things yourself. Or, you know, you could just pay your buddy to do it for $20...whatever!

  • October 23, 2009, in North America
  • Q1 2010 in Europe and Asia
  • Pre-orders available on Amazon
  • Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7 (F5U279) - $39.99
    • Migrates the following content easily and quickly, including*:
      • Music, photos, movies, documents, and other content
      • User accounts
      • Settings and customizations for Windows
      • Files and folders
      • Program settings and data files
      • Email messages and contacts
    • Quick setup in 3 easy steps: install software, connect the cable, and follow on-screen prompts
    • Transfers your information much faster than burning CDs, setting up a network, or other means of copy data
    • Sets up your new computer in minutes with your favorite settings from your existing computers and other devices
    • Post-migration report provides comprehensive view of what wastransferred, including lists of all programs and applications installedon old PC and links to download latest versions of programs
    • Improved custom selection: user interface allows you to specify which items you want to transfer
    • Officially designed for Microsoft Windows Easy Transfer utility
    • Moves files between two PCs at speeds of up to 480Mbps. Estimate transfer of up to 7,500 songs per hour to your new computer.
    • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mbps) and fully backward-compatible with USB 1.1 low-speed (12/1.5Mbps)
    • Windows 7 32- and 64-bit certified
    • 8-foot cable length
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    Ok i get it. there's some flash memory with software built into the cable, really cool idea although its been done before. I recall something called PC Personality Clone which did the same thing, also Aloha Bobs PC Relocator  [now owned by Microsoft and called the file and Setting transfer Wizard in Windows].  If you want to go back to Paralell cable and Serial cable days there was Laplink

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    Ok i get it. there's some flash memory with software built into the cable

    I was wondering what that was. What is the purpose of it? I'm trying to figure-out the justification for the $40 price!

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    I guess it saves you the trouble of copying the data onto a HD or other media first when transferring.

    But if you have network setup, you should have no need of this device.

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    I agree, if you want to transfer data, use a network, or buy a external HDD or some flash drive, at least when you are done you still have removable storage and not some useless cable.

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    Kyouya replied on Fri, Oct 9 2009 11:22 PM

    I would use that if my old computer's USB port wasn't so messed up. It keeps connecting and disconnecting at times. Some people say it may be the PSU. I think it's the mother board itself.

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    3vi1 replied on Sat, Oct 10 2009 12:45 PM

    /agree. People should have at least one external drive anyway: for backups of important data. So, I too don't see the use of this cable.

    The manufacturers should have just concentrated on backup/recovery software that specifically deals with registry entries, shortcuts, and the other pains that you run into when moving Windows files between versions - and make that work with any connected drive (USB, firewire, etc).

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    ClemSnide replied on Sun, Oct 11 2009 10:46 PM

    I also agree that there are other ways to do it (which have the advantage of not costing forty beans), but as Shawn noted we're scarcely the target market for it. My own personal way to do it involves revealing hidden files, installing the old HD in a USB case, dragging, and forgetting at least one important part. Acronis Migrate Easy worked for me, kind of, once; but it's not something I'd spring on Mom.

    Belkin makes good products that serve real needs, so I'm guessing that they'll make a decent, and ethical, buck here.

    I'm just wondering how many of these will show up on eBay and Craigslist on October 24.

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    Honestly not a bad idea especially considering a crossover cable from best buy cost me 25 bucks. An extra 15 and it walks you through everything step by step so you don't forget anything. Sure could have used something like this for my sister instead of driving 2 hours to her house and then sit there half the day to do it all manually myself.
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    digitaldd replied on Tue, Oct 13 2009 11:51 AM

    There' a small amount of flash memory with mac/windows partitions that autoruns when the cable is inserted. no idea if it works from Mac to PC or PC to Mac but if both systems are the same type the software is basically just a wizard that asks what you wan to copy over. Most advanced users won't ever need something like this but I can see this being useful for folks who really don't know what a network is or folks who have no clue on backup/restore. much cheaper that PC Personality Clone was [it doesn't exist anymore] or Laplink for the matter.

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