Lenovo's Compact IdeaCentre Q100, Q110 and Q700 Shipping Now

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News Posted: Mon, Sep 28 2009 12:08 AM
Quiz time: do you recall that nettop that Lenovo announced just over a month ago? We'll give you three guesses, just as long as your first one involved "Q100." That's right--the IdeaCentre Q100, Q110 and Q700 are all now on sale directly from Lenovo, and if you've been in the market for a small, compact and stylish PC to do little more than sip power and surf the wild, wild web, this just might be the one.

The Q100 Mini PC gets started at just $299, and that includes an Intel Atom CPU, Windows XP Home, up to 160GB of hard drive space, 1GB of DDR2 memory, a VGA port and a chassis that measures just 6" x 0.8" x 6.8". The Q110 costs $100 more to start but steps up to a 250GB HDD, 2GB of memory, an HDMI output for high-def graphics and an NVIDIA GPU for serious multimedia action. The Q700 takes things even further with a $499 starting price, a Pentium Dual-Core CPU, Windows Vista, up to 640GB of HDD space, up to 4GB of RAM and an HDMI or VGA socket.

All three machines can be customized right now, and all look to be shipping as we speak. Hardcore gamers should probably, er, definitely stay away, but if grandma has been begging for something to send you email on, you know what to do. Or you can just play dumb to save yourself the trouble, but don't blame us when she finds out!
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I can see the article downplaying this product, but I beg to differ.

Between a PS3/Xbox and this, you should be able to cover most things most people are into. The super sleek, space-saving design will definitely be a plus for the not-so-tech savvy.

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shanewu replied on Tue, Sep 29 2009 1:54 PM

Yeah, this would be awesome for all the g-mas and g-pas out there. No more building an old PC with your old parts for them! :)

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