Just Cause 2... coooool

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Crisis Causer Posted: Tue, Sep 15 2009 8:45 AM

I never played the first game as it didn't look too hot.  As for this one, it's probably not gonna be a masterpiece but damn if this "Vertical Gameplay" doesn't look amazing:


Anyone ever play the first?  Or just post your thoughts on this because I think it looks fun as heck.  Grapple hook + parachute combination while shooting enemies will be a blast if they pull it off right.  I doubt the overall game will be really deep, but who needs that?


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The 1st was absolute crap IMO... got it for 4.99 on newegg when I was looking for something for 5 bux to round off my total. lol

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Wow it looks cool if nothing else. I agree that the first one was mediocre.

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I played the first, Like recover, I got mine cheap from gamestop.  The game got boring really quick, it's along the lines of gta, but not quite as good.

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