Addonics Unveils Portable Drives With eSATA & USB Interface

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News Posted: Thu, Aug 27 2009 5:12 PM
Addonics has added new portable optical drives to its linethat feature a built-in eSATA and USB interface. The new Pocket Blu-ray/DVDRWand the Pocket DVD-RRW drive provide throughput up to 3Gbits/second whenconnected via an eSATA port. For convenience in connecting to practically anycomputer, a USB 2.0 port is also available. Additionally, the drive can bepowered directly from most USB ports. The Pocket Blu-ray model starts at $235while the Pocket DVD-RRW is available for as little as $99.

Addonics UnveilsUnique Portable Blu-ray and DVD/RRW Drives
With Built-in eSATA and USBInterface

Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Pocket Blu-ray/DVDRWand the Pocket DVD-RRW drive. They are believed to be the first portableoptical drives with built-in eSATA and USB interface.

The Pocket Blu-ray/DVDRW is a portable Blu-ray player, DVDplayer and burner that comes with the extremely fast eSATA and the ubiquitousUSB 2.0 interface.

With the Blu-ray player, you can turn a notebook or desktopcomputer into a high definition cinema and enjoy the high definition videoquality and the dynamic sound effects of Blu-ray.

The Pocket Blu-ray/DVDRW supports practically all types ofDVD or CD content from Blu-ray discs to regular DVDs and CDs in various fileformats. It is also a high speed DVD+/-RRW and CDRW burner.

When connecting to eSATA port, users experience throughputup to 3Gbits/sec for the DVD recording and the smooth playback of Blu-ray andDVD movies. The USB 2.0 interface lets the Pocket Blu-ray to attach topractically any computer.

Designed to work in the latest Windows, Mac and Linux OS,this Pocket Blu-ray/DVDRW can also be powered from most of the USB ports fortrue portability in mobile applications.

The Pocket DVD-RRW drive comes with both high speed eSATAand the ubiquitous USB 2.0 interface. When connected to an eSATA port, you areassured of the fastest DVD writing and smooth movie play back. The USBinterface lets you attach to practically any computer.

The new pocket drive also comes with a choice of lightweight plastic enclosure or a rugged anodized aluminum casing for use in harshconditions. The pocket drive is ideal for pairing with a notebook since it canbe powered directly from most USB ports. The Pocket DVD-RRW supportspractically all types of DVD or CD contents in various file formats. Thebundled software also supports mastering and copying of DVD and CD materialunder Windows OS.

Pricing starts at $235 for the Blu-ray and $99 for thePocket eSATA/USB DVD-RRW. For information:

Addonics products are available through the company onlinestore, major catalog companies, resellers,VARs and distributors, including, PC Connection, CDW,,, Insight, and Ingram Micro.
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