PCI Express 3.0 Spec Delayed Until 2010, Products Until 2011

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News Posted: Tue, Aug 25 2009 12:58 AM
So, there's good news for those hoping to make their existing machinelast a little bit longer. And there's bad news for those always lookingfor the next big leap in computing technology. The PCI SIG, the workinggroup responsible for the forward movement of the PCI bus, has justconfirmed that the release of PCIe 3.0 will be delayed by a significantamount.

The standard was originally expected to be ratified by the end of thisyear, yet now the specification isn't apt to be passed off until Q22010. You might say that Q2 2010 doesn't feel that far away, and in oureyes, you'd be right. But remember, that's the date that thespecification will be passed off; it'll be some time yet before actualPCI Express 3.0 products are produced after the coding is signed offon.  In fact, some estimates suggest that it could be late 2011 beforePCIe 3.0 wares are on sale to the general public, which means that PCIe2.0 just got a new lease on life.

If you're curious about the reasons behind the delay, the answer ispretty simple: the PCI SIG wishes to perfectly maintain backwardscompatibility with PCIe 1.0 and 2.0. Also of note, it's taking a longtime to verify products in the lab, and honestly, we'd rather theseguys and gals get things right than push out a buggy protocol thatcauses all sorts of issues with expansion cards. So yeah, it'llprobably be 2011 before you buy your first PCIe 3.0 GPU, but at leastyou can snag up that GTX 295 now without worrying over it become evenmore outdated even quicker.
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deathman replied on Mon, Sep 21 2009 1:34 PM

No biggy.  Using PCI-E 2.0 to its full extent is hard to do currently so PCI-E 3.0 might not be as helpful as 2.0 is currently unless we are looking forward to some really fast consumer grade SSD's in the near future that are affordable.

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Yeah, there's hardly any difference between running PC-E 2.0 at 16x and 8x (8x is equivalent of 16x PCI-E 1.0).  Dual 8x 2.0 is fine for most Crossfire and SLI anyway, unless you are pairing up GTX 295s or Radeon 4870s.  PCI-E 3.0 can take its time because once it comes 4.0 really shouldn't be neccessary for a long time.


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