Gmail Moves to #3 Among Email Services

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News Posted: Mon, Aug 17 2009 10:32 AM
As we move more and more toward "all things Google," it might surprise people to learn that Google's Gmail was, until recently, mired in 4th place among email vendors. That's where it was until new comScore estimates for July 2009.

Yes, despite the way Gmail and Google Docs, and Google Reader, and the rest all work together, it's only now that Gmail edged past AOL Mail, with 37 million unique visitors compared to only 36.4 million for AOL.

Who's number two? That's Windows Live Hotmail, with 47 million unique visitors. Number one and still far, far ahead is Yahoo! Mail with 106 million monthly unique visitors.

In 2009, Gmail’s unique visitors grew 25%, while AOL Mail’s declined 22%. Windows Live Hotmail has grown 8% in 2009, while Yahoo! Mail climbed 16%. We're no mathematicians, but Gmail still has a ways to go to catch both Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, especially if they are still adding unique visitors.

It would be interesting to know if any of Yahoo! Mail's increase has been since they opened up the ymail and rocketmail domain names for email.
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ice91785 replied on Mon, Aug 17 2009 2:20 PM

I figured that Gmail would have taken the email world over by now....interesting

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I'm not suprised. Think of how many of us had Hotmail or AOL emails. Some people just never changed. Yahoo does have more than I though, but thinking back they were the kings of free mail accounts in the day.

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