Redbox To Rent Half Billionth DVD This Weekend

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News Posted: Fri, Aug 14 2009 10:15 AM
We never doubted Redbox’s ability to grow quickly, and now we have additional evidence thatshows how quickly the company is expanding: Only five years after Redbox firstdebuted with 12 kiosks, the DVD rental provider is on track to rent its halfbillionth DVD sometime this weekend. In five years, Redbox has grown from 12kiosks in Denver to having kiosks in 48 states and more than 15,000 retaillocations.

"Redbox is committed to providing our customers withtimely, convenient and affordable access to new release DVDs," said MitchLowe, president, Redbox. "It is this singular commitment to our customersthat has fueled our tremendous success and we thank our consumers for achievingthis milestone with us."

If you’re looking to rent a movie this weekend, Redbox isfeaturing a new selection of DVDs including the comedies "I Love You,Man" and "17 Again." Regardless of what type of movie you’relooking for, Redbox’s affordable price and convenient locations are still the company’stop features.

Redbox is currently available at select McDonald'srestaurants, leading grocery and convenience stores, and Wal-Mart and Walgreenslocations in select markets. Each kiosk holds approximately 500 DVDs, withapproximately 200 new release titles. Customers can keep the DVD for as long asthey want, paying $1 per day. When you’re finished with the movie, simplyreturn it to any of Redbox’s 15,000+ locations throughout the country. Shouldyou forget to return a title, rental charges will cease after 25 nights and themovie is yours to keep.
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Dave_HH replied on Fri, Aug 14 2009 3:02 PM

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Redbox. So convenient and dirt cheap!

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I just have Netflix Dave. $8 a month for movie mailed to you -and- unlimited streaming. I can't remember that last time I actually rented a movie.

Back in the day though, when I was actually renting, this would have been super nice to have.

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We have one at Kroger(Chain grocery store around here) and I never see it used. I always thought it was a good idea, but I don't really watch many movies. I'd rather play a game in my free time. Anyway I went to Jen's dads river house over in Deltaville, VA 4 or 5 times this summer and they have a redbox outside of the 1 grocery store there and I always saw a line. That thing rakes in the cash.

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ice91785 replied on Mon, Aug 17 2009 5:08 PM

netflix here too....i wish gamefly would team up with "the flix"

Redbox is fine in a pinch but ultimately doesn't give me the TIME that I want...still an awesome idea though (one stop shop this way)

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