Logitech's MK700 Wireless Desktop Includes Snazzy Keyboard

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News Posted: Wed, Aug 12 2009 1:57 PM
You know, we'd really hate to be in charge of the "innovation department" that's responsible for making keyboards better. Like, how do you make a keyboard significantly better than the last one without creating a new way for humans to type? It's like telling someone to make Pepsi better--just can't do it!

Thankfully, the engineers over in Logitech's labs are apparently quite a bit smarter than us (or just really good at their jobs...or both), because they've actually managed to produce a keyboard that's not only intriguing from a design standpoint, but also ergonomic. The new MK700 Wireless Desktop is actually a two-piece kit that's comprised of the keyboard we've been mentioning and an equally stunning mouse.

The standout feature on the MK700 keyboard are Logitech's Incurve keys, which are definitely different than your typical hunks of plastic used to type out emails and such. These keys are actually shaped in order to "cradle the fingers" of the person using it, essentially providing a much smoother typing experience and one that's easier on the wrist/hand. Furthermore, the board has its very own LCD (we told you it was fancy!), which is used to display battery status, caps lock on/off, Function on/off, Scroll lock on/off, Num lock on/off and Mute. Finally, the AA batteries within the keyboard can last up to three years in ideal conditions, and even if that means only two years under bad conditions, we'll take it.

As for the mouse, it's gently contoured for a natural fit and has a scroll wheel that gives you a choice between hyper-fast and traditional “ratchet-mode” scrolling. Both devices connect to one's PC via a USB dongle, though we were a bit saddened to see that this set isn't contained in the company's newly created Unifying range. The MK700 combo should ship this month for $100.

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I can always appreciate a nice set! ;)

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Lev_Astov replied on Thu, Aug 13 2009 12:12 PM

For the last time, Logitech, STOP BUNDLING MICE AND KEYBOARDS!

All their nice mice are sold as stand alone products, but very few of their nice keyboards are. None that I want. I have a small mountain of Logitech mice at home, and I don't need another. But I DO need another keyboard. One that's stylish, featureful, and wireless.

><((((">Lev Astov

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Marco C replied on Thu, Aug 13 2009 4:54 PM

As good looking as this board is, I could never use it after having experienced, high quality mechanical keyswitch boards. Now, if Logitech started building boards with Cherry Browns or Capacitive swtiches like the Topres, that would be a different story, because they sure can build some good looking hardware.

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turtle replied on Thu, Aug 13 2009 5:06 PM

That's not necessarily true. I think the 5500 is a nice set, combining two very good general purpose units; the MX Revolution and essentially a more office-like cousin of the G15 (with a monochrome lcd), while both being bluetooth. Bundles are great because they use the same wireless receiver.

Don't get me wrong though, I do agree with you that the BEST offerings are single units. I wish they'd make a bundle with say the G15 and the G7/MX Rev, or something of the like. Buying them separately costs essentially the same as the aforementioned bundle...and I always end up saying "I wish I could have THAT keyboard with that [other bundle's] mouse". They havn't quite keyed in on the perfect couple sets yet, but I imagine they will soon.

Personally, I'd like to see the "Wave Pro"-style media KB with an LCD from the G15/MX desktop, coupled with a MX REV using a unified wireless interface...I'd jump all over that. I also think a G7 + MX5500/wireless G15 keyboard would make a great combo. But hell, what do I know...I'm just a consumer. :P

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As a user of the MX5500, I dunno sometimes they get it right sometimes they don't. However that being said, to do it again I would likely buy the mouse seperate, and then get a KB aimed more at me. This one is nice, don't get me wrong, just not what I thought it was gonna be, subtle details keep it out of my top 5 fav boards list.

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