Orange Charges Small Fortune For LG's GD910 Watchphone

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News Posted: Sun, Aug 9 2009 6:19 AM
Think the iPhone is hot stuff? Think the Pre was captured everyone'simagination? How's about sporting a cellphone on your wrist? We're nottalking about one of those fancy Bluetooth watches that communicatedwith your phone, we're talking about a full-on watchphone. LG's GD910has been making the rounds at major trade shows and such for over ayear now, but the time has finally come for it to make landfall on acarrier.

Hailed as the planet's first 3G touch watchphone, this timepiecefeatures a 1.43" tempered glass touchscreen, a 14mm thick chassis, afold fastening strap, all the features you expect of a watch (worldclock, stopwatch, alarm, etc.) and an IPX4 splash-resistant body.Besides all that, it also packs a VGA camera, MP3 player, diary (yeah,really!), an electronic dictionary and a svelte, fluid user interface.

Naturally, the device also has built-in Bluetooth, which enables it topair up with Bluetooth headsets and other devices. And unless you enjoytalking into your wrist, you'll probably need such a headset. Thewatchphone will be available for those with deep pockets starting thisweek, but you'll need to be in France and a fan of Orange in order tosecure one. So, just how much will this cute little critter cost? Try €899($1273) on a contract. We know, pretty steep! There's no word on whenthis unit will head to other countries, but with a price tag like that,we aren't sure too many folks will care.
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barrettboy replied on Sun, Aug 23 2009 11:03 PM

I think its not going to last longer as its LG made and its too expensive. If you say that its Nokia made then its different. On the other hand chinese model is out and going only for 70 pounds. See this . So i think it wont be popular in new generation

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I bet you would look as dumb as people did with the sidetalking Nokia 1st gen Ngage. Although it could have the cool spy thing going for it if you are geeky enough.

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