what to look for in a motherboard????

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honey Posted: Wed, Jul 15 2009 3:46 AM

Hey all,

I'm new to these forums and was wondering if I could get some advice about choosing motherboards.

a Intel Core2Duo E8200 2.66GHz. And I have always chosen motherboards based on what FSB, RAM, SATA and PCI Express it supports, so I have gone with budget boards cause I don't need all the other additional integrated peripherals. Now was this wrong should I taken into consideration chipset type as you can see my motherboard is a Intel G31, is this a bad choice say if I upgrade to nvidia 9800gt 512mb. Do chipsets matter if so why, how does one chipset differ from another, does one chipset make better performance in gaming with a PCI Express graphics card. If G31 is a bad choice for gaming with a PCI Express graphics card what do you recommend and why, I got to know if chipsets actually matter from motherboard to motherboard.

And this is silly question but what makes one motherboard better than another with identical components say RAM supported, FSB supported, SATA supported. Is it the chipset that gives the motherboard the advantage in many benchmarks, reviews etc or do some motherboards transfer more data than other, I simply don't get how one motherboard with similar parts on the motherboard gets the advantage over the other.

Thanks cause I have up to this point choosen motherboards to support my CPU FSB, DDR2 800 RAM, SATA, PCI Express so should I of been taking into consideration the chipset type as this maybe what would give better and faster gaming performance on PCI Express graphics card or if its not the chipset that matters what other parts of the forementioned matter in choosing a gaming motherboard.

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