Beyond Atom: Exploring Performance ITX Solutions

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News Posted: Mon, Jul 6 2009 12:18 PM

If you find the idea of a tiny small form factor machine appealing but can't stand the limited performance and lack of customizability of current "nettops", then listen up. This is your lucky day as we're going to take you on a quick tour around some exciting new ITX products and show you that 'performance ITX' isn't an oxymoron but rather an outmoded stereotype, a relic of the past.

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heaths replied on Mon, Jul 6 2009 9:46 PM


Thanks for the comment bigbird. I couldn’t agree more. A little helpful information never hurt anybody!




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Good little write up. I wouldn't mind building a ITX rig one day. I really like that Zotac board.

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That's actually pretty cool. I might just go with an ITX mobo for my car PC build I want to do soon, as it would make a lot of sense.

That's a topic I think should be covered more, actually. Car PCs would be great for integrating with the onboard computer.

><((((">Lev Astov

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