Sharing 3G bwtween computers

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MW24C Posted: Wed, Jul 1 2009 5:25 AM

I got the HP mini 1000 from verizon, I like it but  the internet card is built in and i want to use my other latop at times with internet without having a seccond bill.....this is what I want to do;


I want to but a aircard with a clear number/ESN from ebay or something, and then install it on a separate computer  and add my 3g phonenumber that i have on the mini into it and connect


It sounds like it should work, and I know that it would only work with one computer at a time, no problem there.


But the one problem I do see is that it could act as a phone and activate one card, and deactivate the other, but in the other hand, I could carry the usb from laptop to laptop...


Any comments? Ideas? hints? previous experiences? tought?? all welcome!!!




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The USB stick from one to the other sounds like your best bet. I would guess that they will not let you have to devices, though you will have to talk to your 3G provider. I personally use a 3G card when away from home and I set up a adhoc network and use it on more than one computer at a time. Of course the one with the card in it needs to be on and in wifi range to use the internet on the other one.

Not sure if that is the solution for you, but it works nicely with my desktop and laptop.

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