What do you think of my cooling strategy?

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thuh granantlet Posted: Sat, Jun 27 2009 4:56 AM

So I've started to do the Mineral Oil submersion cooling project like Puget Custom Computers and Tom's Hardware (and others), but I need to keep my tank at <30 oC at all times (ambient is just about that). So, after considering quite a few cooling strategies, this is what I have come up with, and I'd like to know what you guys think:


First, there is the tank of oil with my computer in it, carrying a 430W heat load. Then, I've got (outside) a reservoir of liquid coolant, being cooled by two, 400W, Thermoelectric Coolers. These are attached on the hot end to a heatsink (or two) with a fan (or two). The coolant is pumped out of the reservoir (insulated tubes, of course), and through some capillaries submerged in the mineral oil. Then the coolant is returned to the reservoir.


My question is: instead of capillaries, should I just use a radiator submerged in the oil? Would that work? If, in the future, I find that this is not enough cooling for my needs, could I add some sort of liquid cooling system to the TECs? Do they even make blocks that will fit? (I've never done anything besids heatsink/fan)


I'm trying to keep the cost down to like...below 250 bucks for the cooling (i've already got the tank and oil and stuff, so that doesn't count).



Edit: ok, well, looks like this won't work. TECs are too inefficient. Looks like I'm looking at phase change.
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