Steve Jobs Underwent Liver Transplant: WSJ

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News Posted: Sat, Jun 20 2009 10:56 PM

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple CEO Steve Jobs underwent a liver transplant two months ago.  The report also states that despite this, he is still on track to return to Apple's helm at the end of June.  In fact, early this month that same WSJ reported that Jobs was due to return at the end of June.  Of course, at that time the WSJ didn't have the info it has now.

Jobs left Apple for an extended medical leave in January, promising to return at the end of June.  According to the Journal, as part
of an agreement in place before he went on leave, some
board members have been briefed weekly on his condition by his

Steve Jobs is in a somewhat rare position: an executive who's health can affect his company's health to such an extent that fake stories over "heart attacks" and the like have cause major drops in the price of Apple's stock.  That said, the reality of this medical leave, as well as the pancreatic cancer he was treated for in 2004 has raised questions about when a person is so important that his private life must become public.  This new report is bound to raise still more questions.

According to a doctor speaking to the Wall Street Journal (note that he has neither consulted with or treated Steve Jobs), a pancreatic cancer such as Jobs was treated for will often metastatize to the liver.
William Hawkins, a doctor specializing in pancreatic and
gastrointestinal surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo.,
said that the type of slow-growing pancreatic tumor Mr. Jobs had will
commonly metastasize in another organ during a patient's lifetime, and
that the organ is usually the liver. "All total, 75% of patients are
going to have the disease spread over the course of their life," said
Dr. Hawkins, who has not treated Mr. Jobs.
While Jobs is still set to return at month's end, the report indicates he may work only part-time at first.  Of course, for Jobs, part-time is probably not possible: despite his illness he has still been involved in Apple's inner workings.

Apple's only statement with regards to the report: "Steve continues to look forward to returning at the end of June, and there's nothing further to say."

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I'm just excited to see him come back. He is one of the greats of are time and seeing him in bad health is kinda sad.

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Super Dave replied on Sun, Jun 21 2009 12:28 AM

Wall Street really likes it when Steve is well and at the Apple helm!

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Dave_HH replied on Sun, Jun 21 2009 1:19 AM

A liver transplant is no joke. Mr. Jobs has a long road ahead. Wish him well, regardless of his status or position in society.

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kid007 replied on Sun, Jun 21 2009 9:59 AM

"While Jobs is still set to return at month's end, the report indicates he may work only part-time at first. Of course, for Jobs, part-time is probably not possible: despite his illness he has still been involved in Apple's inner workings"

The reason that everyone in Wall Street love him is because he has taken a a company that was just "not cool" to a "cool" and no one else knows how to do this...

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3vi1 replied on Sun, Jun 21 2009 6:19 PM

I would say he's "gotten credit for" rather than "taken". Remember, this was a guy that was screwing things up so badly (having the Apple II guys fighting with the Mac guys), that they fired him.

Read some of the things written by the guys that actually made the Mac: (Raskin:) "Jobs didn't understand what was so important about making computers graphics-based. I finally got the hardware architecture I wanted by making it a fundamental principle behind the Mac."

(Bud Tribble to Hertzfeld on Jobs:) "If you tell him a new idea, he'll usually tell you that he thinks it's stupid. But then, if he actually likes it, exactly one week later, he'll come back to you and propose your idea to you, as if he thought of it."

Sure, he's had some wins since coming back, but I think there are a lot of people that could have been put in his place and done the same thing, if they had just listened to their engineers.

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