A-DATA NH92: World's Slimmest External HDD Case

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News Posted: Fri, Jun 12 2009 2:16 PM

If you thought A-DATA's day was done when Computex closed down, think again. After bringing a slew of new storage solutions to the Taiwan-based show, the company is now pushing out what it's calling "the world's slimmest portable hard disk drive." The NH92 may not be much to look at (literally, we mean), but it's certainly worth taking a peek at if you're strapped for space.

The unit measures just 12mm thin and weighs only 152g, and A-DATA claims that size is the smallest in the industry. It's ready to handle any 2.5" HDD you care to toss in there, and it'll be made available in a trifecta of bright, shiny colors (light sliver, cherry pink and ocean blue). The shock-resistant casing itself is crafted from aluminum, and it ships with a nifty leather case to keep the scuff marks to a minimum. Naturally, it connects (and gets its power) via USB 2.0, and the company is selling it with 250GB of 500GB of storage built right in. Too bad we're not privy to a price or release date.

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Kiristo replied on Wed, Jun 17 2009 8:44 AM

Just need a nice SSD to throw in one of these.

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