Microsoft Doesn't Expect Huge Boost From Win7

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News Posted: Wed, Jun 10 2009 9:02 PM
Expectations couldn't possibly be higher for Microsoft's next-generation operating system. Amazingly, this will be the first Windows OS that will actually run smoother on current-gen hardware than the prior OS. Indeed, the Release Candidate of Windows 7 that is on the market today runs far smoother on current machines than Vista, and while Vista practically drags netbooks to a crawl, Win7 hums along just fine. That said, it seems that Microsoft is keeping its hopes in check with the impending release. We already know that many businesses will be holding off on the upgrade for some time, and given the current economic situation, we'd guess that many consumers will also hold off for awhile if at all possible.

Microsoft senior vice president Bill Veghte recently had this to say about the future Windows 7 release: "History would tell us that generally as you ship a Windows release into the market...the bump is very modest. You will see a little bit, but it is modest." Speaking about the business side of things, he sounded even more gloomy: "It will get drowned by the macroeconomic environment."

Still, we're a bit more hopeful about the Win7 launch, though it's probably not for a reason Microsoft wants. By and large, Vista has been so troublesome that many will jump at the chance to get away from it. We suppose there's no better way to get folks to upgrade than to give them a product that makes them yearn to see something different.
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JeffB replied on Thu, Jun 11 2009 12:08 PM

I have been running 64-Bit Vista Ult. since it came out and my experience has been generally positive. I am not a Microsoft lover, but I am not a hater either. Overall, the experience has been solid aside from a few design gripes. Recently, I migrated to Windows 7 RC and have to say it is much improved. It's lighter, faster and offers a better overall experience than Vista. It was smart for MS to release a fairly stable RC OS for users to try. It appears that numerous users have switched and rarely have I seen a negative comment in the various forums I frequent. MS may have a winner here and are likely being modest in their predictions.

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I think its ridiculous the rap that Vista has. I have people coming in the store all the time who want a XP loaded laptop. I ask them why do they not like Vista, and i would say a good majority of them say 70% of them have never used a Vista PC... They think Win 7 will save the day, and while the RC is an improvement over Vista, Vista was an improvement over XP, IMO

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wil2200 replied on Fri, Jun 12 2009 2:10 AM

Been using Server 2008 x64 Enterprise converted to workstation on my laptop - totally love the damn thing. Way better than xp64 I had running. Of course, it took a while to get everything to work...

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rapid1 replied on Fri, Jun 12 2009 11:44 AM

     I have 3 pc's at home on (my female half's) runs XP/32, My laptop came loaded with XP pro/32 but I beta tested Vista for Microsoft so I had Vista 64/32 ultimate on it, I loaded 7/64 on it to and dual boot, on my desktop I have XP and 7/32. I have also beta tested for Microsoft since Win98, and have used windows predominately since 3.1.

     I also have experience on Macs but like the expanded programming for Windows better. Nowadays the performance and components for Macs and pc's is to all ends the same, therefore, performance is roughly the same except on specific software.

     Out of all the OP sys's I have used I would say 7 is the best so far. There are some additions/updates I think would be good for 7, but overall it is rock solid.

     I game on it (I also have gone back to school online), I use office quite a bit when working on my BCSIT/network for school (this encompasses office completely), I also use it for internet and communications. Windows 7 crashed on me twice and it was prior to RC on the initial beta, and it was when I was gaming. So I will definitely be upgrading every PC in my house when it comes out.

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kid007 replied on Sat, Jun 13 2009 8:40 PM

i can't wait to get it... it would fit perfectly with the system that i'm building!

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3vi1 replied on Sun, Jun 21 2009 7:38 PM

To play Devil's Advocate, Meister: Yesterday I renamed a program directory on my wife's Vista laptop (I knew what I was doing). It asked me for confirmation FOUR times.

Since my wife doesn't use MS Office, I was tempted to overwrite the whole thing with Kubuntu 9.10, re-skin it, and see if she could tell.

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To play Devil's Advocate, Meister: Yesterday I renamed a program directory on my wife's Vista laptop (I knew what I was doing). It asked me for confirmation FOUR times.

Since my wife doesn't use MS Office, I was tempted to overwrite the whole thing with Kubuntu 9.10, re-skin it, and see if she could tell.

7 is much more modest with the UAC.

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