Great deal on an I7 system

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rapid1 Posted: Sun, Jun 7 2009 2:53 AM



     This was sent to me today. Copy and paste it there is a great deal on an almost compete I7 920 system for a few dollars over a grand. This combo has awesome components for the price. There are a couple I would change (memory speed) but other than that this is a great deal on a system. It includes a cpu (920), gpu(4790), psu(anan 750 pure), mb, hd(1TB), memory(1333 6GB), and a good case to for under 1100 dollars. I am not associatted with them in any way, this is just an awesome deal.

OS:Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit
CPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 4770 ***
GPU:Geforce GTX 770 4GB
Mem:***ingston 16384MB RAM
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