Pioneer Ships Three New BDP Blu-ray Players

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News Posted: Fri, Jun 5 2009 1:01 AM
While Blu-ray no longer has HD DVD to compete with, the format is still a long ways from being completely dominate. In fact, we'd argue that it's still battling with DVD and online downloads, and given the surge in popularity of the latter, we're not confident that BD will ever have the upper hand. That said, videophiles still know that there's currently nothing better than a 1080p Blu-ray Disc, and for those still looking for that perfect player, Pioneer has introduced a few more options.

This week, the company announced that its BDP-120, BDP-320 and Elite BDP-23FD were all shipping here in the United States. All three models support 1080p video output, high resolution surround sound and above-average video processing chips. The Elite model steps it up even further with KURO Link Picture Mode and Precision Quartz Lock System Multi (PQLS). As for the 320, you'll find 8-bit Deep Color Support, three Video Noise Reduction Circuits and a Picture Control Suite offering 13 image adjustment capabilities. The bottom-end 120, which is still fairly luxurious for an "entry-level" deck, handles BD-Live and comes bundled with a SanDisk 1GB USB flash drive.

In order of mention, Pioneer is charging $299, $399 and $599 for these new players.
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That is steep for a BDP but it is Pioneer. I really wish Pioneer was still making Plasmas!

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It is steep, however people won't jump on the band wagon because of that.  Price of a blu-ray movie is up there with a video game, it's expensive and heck I wouldnt spend about $30-$40 for a new movie!  Especially because I probably won't watch it that often.

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