Norwegian Students Take Exams On Laptops

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News Posted: Mon, May 4 2009 8:38 AM

Hey, kids -- how would you feel about taking your next round of end-of-quarter exams without even having to pick up a pencil? No, we're not talking about telepathy (though, we kind of like the idea!), we're talking about laptop testing. In a move that we can only hope spreads encouragement to classrooms around the world, about 6,000 students in the nation of Norway are being allowed to complete examinations on their laptops in a trial run that could soon be rolled out across the country.

Every single 16 to 19-year old in Nord-Trondelag county in Norway has been involved in the notebook-based system, and it's no surprise to see officials testing things out on the oldest, most "mature" students first. Just so you know, secondary students are given a laptop by the government when they turn 16 to help them with schoolwork, and during exams, there is specially-made software that launches in order to "block and record any attempt at cheating."

The crazy part? The Internet is apparently active during testing. In fact, students have to visit a website when an exam begins in order to download their questions. We get the impression that students are expected to flip the Wi-Fi off once the materials are received, and the monitoring they are under seems rather intense. Of course, students aren't apt to Google search a question when the machine is constantly taking screen grabs of their actions -- at least the smart ones won't.

We're eager to see if other nations in Europe and the world pick up on this. Naturally, we love the idea. The working world now revolves around computing, there's no reason why the world of academia should still be forced to use pencil-and-paper methods that have been largely lapped outside of the classroom.

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acarzt replied on Mon, May 4 2009 9:58 AM

A lot of trees could be saved too by making Text Books available as an E-book. It SHOULD also cut down on the cost of buying said text books because there is no manufacturing cost.

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Drago replied on Mon, May 4 2009 11:05 AM

Laptop testing is fine, if and only if, the laptops are secured and then given out for testing. If this is not done kids will find a way to crack and disable the screen capture software so they can cheat. Cheating is a major problem, and technology only makes the problem worse. If they are connected to the internet then hell they could have their phone and text to someone outside class to search and get them answers. If you know what you are doing, you can pre record yourself taking an exam and then set that up on a Virtual Machine then have the screen cap directed to that VM and then do whatever the hell you want taking the real exam.

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acarzt replied on Mon, May 4 2009 12:29 PM

Well I think it would work best if they set up an Intranet and gave them access to the tests and books as they need them. But not actually give them internet access while at school. They should also be able to log on from home to get access to homework and books. Cell phones shouldn't be allowed in school anyway. They should only be used in emergency situations.

And from my understanding, a lot of teachers now are taking up phones and ipods and other electronics when they see them. That's how it was when I was in school.. if a teacher saw  your phone they took it. With the exception of College of course... But by then people should know better...

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dv8 replied on Tue, May 5 2009 3:38 AM

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