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fl3x Posted: Sun, Mar 22 2009 11:04 PM

Well i got a cheap coby hometheather system and I was wondering withn i plug in my pc into the aux i notice only 2 speakers play (the front right and left and also the sub)  my qustion is if i can some how seperate the sound to play in all the speakers.  Currently using a laptop xps 1210 with the basic sound card.

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I think you need the optical out connection in order to utilize surround sound on a receiver.

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Freeman replied on Thu, Mar 26 2009 1:28 AM

Mentaldisorder is right.  You have to buy a cable such as this one:

Belkin Optical Audio Cable - NewEgg

To get 5.1 sound from your PC.

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 I dunno if you have found a solution but the above cable will likely need a DAC like this one to be able to pass thru 5.1 digital to your receiver.


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