AMD Ships 50 Millionth 'Hollywood' GPU In Wii

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 11 2009 12:02 PM

While AMD's dedicated chip sales may be sagging, the company has still
found reason to celebrate. With the success of the Wii comes the
inevitable success of AMD, at least in small part. Today, Advanced
Micro Devices proudly announced that the 50 millionth ATI 'Hollywood'
graphics processor has shipped from Nintendo today, and if you're
having difficulty piecing this all together, 'Hollywood' is the GPU
housed with the Wii gaming console.

With this milestone shipment, 'Hollywood' has become the most
successful AMD game console chip in the history of AMD game console
chips. Genyo Takeda, general manager of Integrated
Research and Development at Nintendo, had some pretty fond words to say
about AMD in relation to the announcement: "
Nintendo values its ongoing relationship with AMD.
AMD’s graphics technology expertise as displayed in the ATI ‘Hollywood’
chip is a great part of the momentum of Wii. Our combined efforts help
deliver entertaining experiences to create many smiling faces in living
rooms around the world."

It's sort of funny, actually. Maybe bashed Nintendo's latest console
when it set out to rival the high-powered PlayStation 3 and the
respectably potent Xbox 360 with less-than-top-notch graphics. To this
day, it's still the only next-gen game console that can't truly deliver
high definition graphics. Thankfully for AMD, it seems that the public
at large isn't too concerned about graphics alone when it comes to the

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Good stuff to hear from strugling AMD.

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Jeremy replied on Wed, Mar 11 2009 4:34 PM

Good news for IBM as well. Actually, this last round it didn't matter which console won, IBM won no matter what. For those that don't know, Intel makes the CPU for every current generation major console on the market. CELL for the PS3, a triple core PPC variant for the XBox 360, and the "Broadway" CPU in the Wii.

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