SiS 648 BIOS Update MS9337

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CoLdGlOoM Posted: Thu, Feb 26 2009 8:35 PM


I have this mobo, and i know its kind of old... But i want do update the BIOS because it dont recognize SATA devices. I know for sure this mobo supports

SATA devices for it has SATA connections on it. The problem is that i already have Windows XP installed and i cant install any SATA drivers because they dont exist as executable files. Just that F6 (maybe) mode and i dont have Floppy.

Even if i could install it, i dont have sure if it would work because it dont appears on BIOS options. On the Manual it does on the "Integrated Peripherals".

I have the Flash Uitlity for bios update but cant find any BIOS update.

I took this info with Everest app and this is Mobo specs. It shows at last some links but it appears all of them only lets the update unless i PAY FOR IT?!?!?

F***n DriverAgents and eSupports!!

Even the Phoenix Award web site dont offer FREE support for this mobo! If its for beeing an old mobo... maybe more easily they could offer "free trash" updates.

Anyone Can help me plz?



Motherboard Properties   
   Motherboard ID                     11/21/2002-SiS-648-6A7I0E19C-00
   Motherboard Name                Matsonic MS9337C(+)
Front Side Bus Properties   
   Bus Type                              Intel GTL+
   Bus Width                             64-bit
   Real Clock                            133 MHz (QDR)
   Effective Clock                       533 MHz
   Bandwidth                             4267 MB/s
Memory Bus Properties   
   Bus Type                              DDR SDRAM
   Bus Width                             64-bit
   DRAM:FSB Ratio                    6:4
   Real Clock                            200 MHz (DDR)
   Effective Clock                       400 MHz
   Bandwidth                             3200 MB/s
Chipset Bus Properties   
   Bus Type                              SiS MuTIOL
   Bus Width                             16-bit
Motherboard Physical Info   
   CPU Sockets/Slots                  1
   Expansion Slots                      5 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 CNR
   RAM Slots                              3 DIMM
   Integrated Devices                  Audio, LAN
   Form Factor                            ATX
   Motherboard Size                    240 mm x 300 mm
   Motherboard Chipset               SiS648
Motherboard Manufacturer   
   Company Name                      Matsonic, Inc.
   Product Information       
   BIOS Download              
   Driver Update                
   BIOS Upgrades              

Field    Value
   BIOS Properties   
   BIOS Type                              Award
   BIOS Version                           MS9337C+ Series 11/21/2002
   Award BIOS Type                     Phoenix-Award BIOS v6.00PG
   Award BIOS Message                MS9337C+ Series 11/21/2002
   System BIOS Date                   11/21/02
   Video BIOS Date                      03/07/24
BIOS Manufacturer 
   Company Name                       Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
   Product Information       
   BIOS Upgrades              

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