Replacement video/graphic card for integrated Intel Chipset31/33

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Boblink Posted: Mon, Feb 23 2009 10:14 AM
Hi I am using a (3 month old) Lenovo computer with 3GB RAM and the video adapter integrated in the Intel Chipset31/33 and a Viewsonic VX2433 Model VS12324 monitor.
When I open some applications (like Taxcut), the lines on the display / screen do not line up properly, for example if there is a YES and NO box to be checked off, the YES box would line up next to the NO Box and the NO Box would line up under the NO box (next to nothing), instead of being next to the NO Box.
This is not only annoying but it is causing/creating problems especially working with I work with the Taxcut program since I am not sure where the correct entry should be made?

I updated the Viewsonic VX2433 drivers and installed the most current Intel Chipset drivers but the problem still continues.
I contacted Viewsonic and they advised me "the lining up of the boxes is coming not from the monitor but the incoming signal (video card issue)" so it appears that I need to purchase a new video/graphics adapter and would appreciate your help.

My question is WHAT video card would you suggest that I use for an Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 53134BU system that has an integrated Intel Chipset31/33 (video adapter) with a Viewsonic display?
Thank you in advance for your help,
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