Sony VAIO P Pictures Leak, via CES Monitors

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News Posted: Wed, Jan 7 2009 10:13 AM

Ah yes, if you want something to be kept under wraps, it's not a good idea to show it off on monitors at a trade show. That's what Sony learned as enGadget managed to snap some admittedly fuzzy pictures from a CES monitor.

We already know many of the specs of the Sony VAIO P, which has been leaked and teased multiple times.

Intel Atom Z250 CPU (1.33 GHz), 2GB RAM, HDD and optional SSD, GPS and 3G modem, 8" 1600 x 768 LCD. You can see a few other details, such as the chiclet keyboard, pointing nub --- and look, in the picture above, it looks like there's a SIM card slot next to a media card reader on the front of the device. Nice to see it's not hidden (and hard to use) as is often the case.

Sony's expected to make an announcement about the device later this morning.

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3vi1 replied on Wed, Jan 7 2009 6:25 PM

>> You can see a few other details, such as the chiclet keyboard

Thereby insuring that it will be every bit as popular as the IBM PCjr.

What part of "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" don't you understand?


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