New MacBook Pros to Use Silver/Zinc Batteries?

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News Posted: Sun, Jan 4 2009 10:49 PM
Rumors are that new unibody MacBook Pros are coming in January.  Yes, unibody, aluminum, and with one most likely controversial "feature."  Much like the MacBook Air, it will have a non-user-replaceable battery.

How is that going to work?  A 17" laptop, particularly a MacBook Pro, a higher-powered laptop than the MBA, will suck a lot more power than the MBA.  Besides the fact that the battery will eventually degrade over time, end users like to carry spares around with them.   Enter the theory: Silver / Zinc batteries.

ZPower has been working on silver/zinc batteries for some time.  They promise 20 - 40% longer battery life per change than lithium-ion batteries.  All this, without the explosiveness of Li-ion batteries.

Image courtesy:  ZPower

And here's the kicker: their FAQ says:

When will ZPower batteries be available?
    "ZPower batteries will be available in a leading notebook computer in early 2009."

Is Apple the leading notebook computer they're aiming for?  It makes sense, but it's all a theory.  Macworld is coming in a couple of days, though.
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I still don't like the none user replaceable battery with. The first thing I want for my netbook is a second battery.

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