Creative Announces Vado HD Pocket Video Cam

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News Posted: Thu, Dec 11 2008 7:49 PM


Output Your HD Video to Your HDTV in 1080i Resolution with HDMI Connection

MILPITAS, Calif., Dec. 8, 2008 - Creative today announced availability of the Vado™ HD Pocket Video Cam, the ideal holiday gift. The thin, lightweight Vado HD is small enough to fit easily in a pocket, purse or the palm of your hand, and it captures video in 720p high-definition quality with just the touch of a button.

The Vado HD is the only Pocket Video Cam to feature HDMI connectivity and an included HDMI cable that provides 1080i output to an HDTV. It also features a precision glass lens for stunning video quality, and 8GB of built-in memory to carry up to two hours of HD video. The Vado HD has an estimated street price of US$229.99 and is available today in carbon black at and

"We designed the Vado HD so you can easily shoot all of life's spontaneous and fun moments, and then come home and watch your videos on an HDTV - all with true high-definition quality," said Steve Erickson, VP and GM for audio and video at Creative. "You can upload the videos to your PC, or what's really cool is to watch them on your HDTV in full HD quality. Some cameras such as the Flip Mino HD record HD video but don't let you output it in high definition to your HDTV. Even the New York Times laments, 'the Mino HD is a hi-def camcorder that can't play your movies in high def on a high-def TV.' The Vado HD delivers 1080i high-definition video to an HDTV, plus it offers the convenience of an HDMI connection."

The simplicity of the Vado HD makes it ideal for capturing video on a moment's notice. While your camcorder is stored away somewhere in a camera bag, the Vado HD is ready in seconds to capture clips that you can cherish and save for a lifetime in HD quality. With 8GB of built-in memory, the Vado HD can carry up to two hours of HD video, and it doesn't require you to carry tapes or DVDs with you. The removable, rechargeable battery provides up to two hours of recording and playback, and extra batteries are available as accessories so you can easily swap them to capture more video.

The Vado HD enables fast and easy sharing of video on YouTube and . The Vado HD has a built-in USB connector so you can plug right it into your PC, just like you would with a thumb drive. The Vado HD includes the Vado Central software program built right into it that shows thumbnails of your video clips, which you can view on or copy to your PC. With one easy step, just click on the YouTube or buttons in Vado Central to easily post your videos. When you want to share your videos with selected friends and family, they can use to either view or download a copy of the video. Vado Central also enables capture of single snapshots or successive snapshots in burst mode. When you want to make and edit your video productions, just use the Muvee software that's included in Vado Central.

Vado HD Features

  • Slim, lightweight, pocket-sized design

  • 720p HD video capture

  • Included HDMI cable; HDMI connectivity provides 1080i video output to HDTV

  • Built-in two-inch color LCD screen

  • Removable rechargeable battery

  • Precision glass lens

  • Built-in USB cable for PC

  • Built-in Vado Central software program for posting videos to YouTube and, plus Muvee software for video editing and customization, and capturing snapshots

Vado HD Accessories
To personalize your Vado HD experience, the following accessories are available at

  • A pouch for protection and storage, priced at US$14.99

  • Spare batteries providing up to two hours of recording or playback, priced at US$14.99

  • A power adapter with charging station so your Vado HD is ready to go when you are, priced at US$29.99

  • Underwater diving pouch for keeping the Vado HD dry during underwater shooting, priced at US$29.99

The Vado HD introductory bundle comes with an HDMI cable, silicon skin and USB extension. For more information about the Creative Vado HD visit Become a fan of Vado on Facebook.

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I'd rather have a fullyfledged full HD camera instead.

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domokun replied on Fri, Dec 12 2008 3:53 AM

you're totally missing the point. At U$199.99 (which is the price at the Creative site), it's way cheaper than a full fledged HD cam. And it's so much smaller in size and lighter in weight. To transfer the video, I just have to connect the vado hd to the com. Compared to the flip hd, i will definately get this.

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Wow, I want it.  Can't afford it, but want it.  720P on the go.


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I like it. I I wouldn't mind carring a HD camara in my pocket.

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Interesting how they advertised it without an image on screen...foreshadowing?  Seems interesting especially since it is HD and it is compact.

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