ASUS and Sam’s Club Canada Join Forces

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 10 2008 11:55 AM

ASUS and Sam’s Club Canada Join Forces to Deliver Green Computing to Canada

-- World’s first bamboo notebook to be sold exclusively at Sam’s Club Canada --

Fremont, California (November 10, 2008) – ASUS, a world leader in the notebook design and one of the fastest growing notebook brands, today announced that Sam’s Club Canada will give eco-friendly Canadians a chance to purchase a limited number of ASUS’ highly-anticipated U6V bamboo notebook. The partnership is a “win” for ASUS, Sam’s Club Canada, and consumers, as it allows ASUS to expand its market presence further into Canada, and gives Sam’s Club Canada and its Members access to an exquisite, environmentally-friendly notebook that truly stands out from the crowd with its first-in-the-world bamboo design.

Revolutionary Green Computing with ASUS
As a showcase of ASUS’ commitment to environmentally-friendly Green Computing, ASUS is proud to have created the world’s first notebook that largely foregoes hard materials such as plastic and metal in favor of all-natural bamboo, which is both renewable, abundant, and a pleasure to touch and feel. On this particular notebook, the palm rest, touchpad and LCD cover are covered in bamboo, giving the U6V bamboo a distinct look that is sure to turn heads. Not only is its overall exterior design based on a renewable resource, but it is also energy efficient and has achieved the coveted Energy Star certification.

Come see it in person
ASUS and Sam’s Club Canada will be holding public demonstrations of the U6V Bamboo notebook at the Club’s Etobicoke location, on November 14th from 5 to 8pm, and its Richmond Hill location on November 15th from 12 to 3pm.

Where to Buy
A limited number of U6V Bamboo notebooks will be available exclusively in Canada from Sam’s Club Canada on November 14th. For more information on the U6V Bamboo, please visit To learn more about ASUS’ commitment to green computing, please visit

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shanewu replied on Mon, Nov 10 2008 3:20 PM

Looks pretty cool. I'd like to see it in person and with my hands. :)

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For a split second I got really exsited, I have a Sam's club a 1/2 mile from my house and a membership. Then I read canada and my heart kinda dropped. Now I know how all those people in other countrys feel when I get sweet stuff first.

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3vi1 replied on Tue, Nov 11 2008 12:28 PM

The laptop does come with one downside: Giant Panda bear attacks.

What part of "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" don't you understand?


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