MTV & MySpace Team with Auditude

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 3 2008 10:48 PM

Media corporations have been fighting the battle to regain control of their content for years. They’ve sent out countless DMCA notices, but it seems as soon as they succeed in taking down one video clip, five more have already appeared. A quick glance at sites like YouTube or MySpace reveals countless videos that were published without proper authorization.

Now, instead of sending removal requests, MTV can earn money from its online videos thanks to Auditude. Auditude will identify video clips that are uploaded to MySpace from a number of shows produced by MTV, and will display an overlay when the clip is played that shows which episode the clip originally came from, its original air-date, and links to online stores where users can buy the entire episode.

The videos don’t to have to have a standard name in order for Auditude to identify them; instead, the Auditude platform relies on fingerprints taken from the clip’s audio and video data. These fingerprints are then matched to prints in Auditude’s database. Auditude can even fingerprint a video clip that is only a few seconds long and identify which show it was taken from.

This new platform could be a win-win: users shouldn’t have to deal with proprietary video players from each network, and content owners can still get paid for the clips. However, this platform does take away some control from the content companies, and we all know how much they like to be in control. Still, this seems like a pretty good deal for all parties involved. MTV and MySpace seem to agree. Time will tell if Hollywood studios will embrace the idea as well.

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3vi1 replied on Tue, Nov 4 2008 7:53 AM

Does it have to match both the video and audio fingerprint?

If we make a fair-use parody, using video from an MTV clip but replacing the audio with something infinitely more interesting (like maybe two VJs talking back and forth, but replace their words with the sounds of barking dogs)... is it going to stick this junk on our video?

If it only works when both match, what happens if I adjust the color-balance and/or sample rate?

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Yeah seems like a fair use destroyer to me.

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